A simple “computer recycling near me” can show hundreds of results, but obviously not all of them are as good as they say. There is not much of an option too: technology is evolving at an exponential rate, and often we end up in situations where we have old computers and electronics with outdated features. A reputable computer recycling near me can help us break down devices to their bare minimum with skill and professionalism.  

Especially in Minnesota, where finding a recycling facility can be a challenge. Over 266 million pounds (about 1.2 million kgs) of electronic waste are available for recycling in Minnesota every year but, according to a leading study, only 23.7% of it gets captured. The rest, unfortunately, rests in a landfill. Companies such as Recycle Technologies are actively trying to reverse that.  

What is Computer Recycling? 

Computer recycling means what it sounds like – reprocessing and reusing old and discarded computers (desktop, laptop). By extension, we also mean computer components as well, e.g., keyboards, mice, monitors, processing chips, etc. Recycling Technologies understands how ecologically dangerous a discarded landfill computer can become.  

Computers are usually made of cadmium, silicon, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, and numerous other materials, which are not the most environment-friendly, let us just say. Computer recycling also involves handling these metals and safely discarding or reusing them.  

Computers are also made up of many other materials including plastic and glass. Recycling glass and plastic from old computers would mean a meticulous process where there is a maximizing effort for obtaining as many of these components as possible for reusing. As it turns out, Recycle Technologies has quite the experience handling such cases. 

Why Recycle Your Computer? 

Before diving into the details of where to recycle your computer in Minnesota, let us first discuss the importance of computer recycling. When a computer is disposed of ineffectively, it releases the chemical toxins that build up various components of it. The problem begins when these leaked poisons reach underground water or get mixed with soil.  

On the other hand, the natural resources that create a single computer, i.e., zinc, copper, and iron, are also wasted once the computer is discarded. We need to recycle computers so that to save these resources from going to waste and prevent the release of harmful chemicals and toxins in the air, earth, and water. 

“Computer Recycling Near Me”: Finding the Right Choice  

There are several ways to find a computer recycling center near you. Here are a few options: 

Search Online 

Using a search engine like Google or Bing can help you locate computer recycling near me. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, you are bound to get Recycle Technologies in the results because we provide a wide range of recycling facilities with licensed centers in many counties in these two states.  

Checking Local Programs 

Many cities and counties in Minnesota offer computer recycling programs. You can contact your local government to see if they know of any e-waste recycling rides or seminars coming up.  

Check for Data Security Practices 

See if the recycling company you are going with have a successful ITAD program. Hardware shredding requires extra care so that sensitive information is not leaked or ends up in the wrong hands.  

Visit the Website 

Checking the website of a recycling company highlights their repute, sense of responsibility and convenience (flexible hours, numerous facilities, proximity, etc.) Recycle Technologies stands out in this regard because it offers all that for all IT products. Please check our website to see what recycling programs we have going on, and which support recycling kits.  

Based on the above parameters, you can narrow down the search for the best computer recycling center near you that gets the job done with quality.  

Recycle Technologies computer recycling near me in Minnesota 

Recycling computer parts, focusing on Minnesota, is a tedious task. Computers to be recycled are collected or delivered to our recycling centers located in multiple cities in counties. Our team then separates the computers based on material types. 

We manually take a computer apart into its component parts such as the hard drive and modem, etc. Any of these parts that are still viable will be re-used. Any potentially hazardous materials will be removed and safely disposed of. What remains is then broken down into its component materials and anything that can be recycled will be salvaged.  

Minnesota Statewide Initiatives  

Before we go ahead with the different counties, we need to look at some of the legal initiatives Minnesota enforces on its citizens. The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) promotes statewide recycling efforts and offers resources for both individuals and businesses looking to recycle electronics.  

The state government has issued multiple laws for e-waste and ITAD recycling, however, these laws need major updates. It is a good effort on their part, but more needs to be done. 

Minnesota County Facilities for Computer Recycling 

Here, we will dive into specific counties within Minnesota, highlighting recycling options available in each area, and where we are the most active. 

Hennepin County  

In Hennepin County alone, Recycle Technologies has following facilities: 

Bloomington Recycling Center 

Minnetonka Recycling Center 

Maple Grove Recycling Center 

Brooklyn Park Recycling Center 

Edina Recycling Services 

Richfield Recycling Services 

Plymouth Recycling Center 

When we focus on the cities in Hennepin County, we cannot overlook Minneapolis, the hub for recycling resources. Minneapolis is a popular drop-off location for various electronics waste by many other companies too. Residents and small businesses can recycle computers, monitors, and other electronic equipment in any one of our facilities in Hennepin County.  

Anoka County  

In Anoka County, we provide e-waste recycling services at the Coon Rapids Recycling Center. Residents can recycle a variety of electronic equipment, including computers and peripherals.  

Benton County  

In Benton County, we are providing our computer recycling services at the following drop-off facilities: 


Cherokee City 

Bella Vista               







Sulphur Springs, etc.  

Olmsted County  

Rochester, the largest city in Olmsted County, has several electronic recycling drop-off locations for various companies including Recycle Technologies. You can also explore recycling events organized by the county for larger quantities of e-waste which happen biannually. 

Mail-In Program for Other Regions 

For all the places in the US where we do not currently have a drop off location, we are introducing a mail-in program. You can safely send us your bulky tech gadgets for recycling without even worrying about the environmental hazards.   

Conclusion: Making a Difference 

When it comes to computer recycling in Minnesota, you have a wealth of options to choose from. Responsible disposal of old computers and electronic devices not only benefits the environment but also helps protect your data.  

By staying informed about your local recycling resources and Minnesota’s e-waste laws, you can play a part in making your state cleaner and more sustainable. Choosing Recycle Technologies can be another positive step you can take for a sustainable future. So, the next time you search for “computer recycling near me” in Minnesota, you will know exactly where to turn for eco-friendly and secure disposal options. 

You can visit our facilities if you are near, opt for our mail-in program, or request a pickup for a charge. Please contact our Customer Support Team for guidance on the above-mentioned solutions.