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Olmsted County is a county located in southeastern Minnesota, in the United States. It is situated in the Driftless Area, a region characterized by rolling hills, rugged bluffs, and deep valleys that were left untouched by the last glacial period.

The county seat of Olmsted County is Rochester, which is the third-largest city in Minnesota and home to the renowned Mayo Clinic, one of the world’s leading medical centers.

 Olmsted County has a population of approximately 159,000 people and covers an area of 655 square miles (1,697 square kilometers). The county is known for its natural beauty, with several parks and trails for hiking, biking, and other outdoor activities. It is also home to many historic sites, including the Mayo Wood Mansion, the historic Château Theatre, and the Assisi Heights Spirituality Center.

The economy of Olmsted County is diverse, with major industries including healthcare, education, technology, and manufacturing. The county has countless colleges and universities, including the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, the University of Minnesota Rochester, and the Rochester Community and Technical College.

 Olmsted County has numerous recycling laws and programs in place to help reduce waste and protect the environment.

 Recycling is mandatory:

Olmsted County requires residents and businesses to recycle designated materials, including paper, cardboard, glass, metal, and plastic containers. It is illegal to throw these materials in the trash.

 Organics recycling:

Olmsted County has an organics recycling program, which includes yard waste and food scraps. Residents can place these materials in designated bins or compost them at home.

 Electronics recycling:

Olmsted County has a program for recycling electronics, such as computers, TVs, and cell phones. It is illegal to throw these items in the trash. For that reason alone, Residents of Olmsted County can easily recycle their electronics by dropping them at our nearest facility. Please check the map below and the working hours if you plan to visit us. We will be more than obliged to have you.

 Hazardous waste disposal:

Olmsted County has a program for disposing of hazardous waste, such as paint, chemicals, and batteries. Residents can bring these items to designated drop-off locations. Or Residents can use Recycle Technologies for this hazardous waste disposal.

Single-use plastic bag ban: Olmsted County has a ban on single-use plastic bags in retail stores, with some exemptions for certain types.

Items We Accept

Light bulb fixtures

 Fluorescent 4` and under, Fluorescent 5` & Over, U-Shape and Circular, High-Intensity Discharge, Broken Fluorescent Lamps, Incandescent Lamps, Projector Lamps, Led Lamps, Ballasts (PCB), Ballasts (Non- PCB), Christmas Lights, Super High-pressure Lamps,  Neon lamps, Halogen and Quartz, UV Lamps


AC units, Answering Machines,Compressors, Dehumidifiers, Dishwashers, Dryers, Freezers, Furnace, Generators,Humidifiers, Lawn mover, Microwaves, Ovens, Refrigerators, Rototillers, Telephones, Snow Blowers, Stoves, Vacuum Cleaners, Washing Machines


Zip Drives, VHS Tapes, CDs & Floppy , Discs, TVs, Speakers, Security Systems, Scanner, Radios, Printers, Peripherals, PDA, HVAC Systems , Laptops,  Game Consoles, Electronic Games, Fax machine, CRT monitors, Copiers, Computers, Batteries, Calculators, Cameras, Capacitors, CD Players, Cell Phone, Batterie, Cell Phones, Circuit Boards


Organ, Metal Desks, Metal Cabinets, Mercury Thermostats, Mercury Devices, Box Spring Bed Frame, Mattresses , Latex Paints, Barometers, Bicycles, Blood Pressure Cuffs, Car Tires, Drinking Fountains, Fire Extinguishers, Floor Cleaners, Garage Openers, Gas Flow regulators, Power Tools, Pressure Controls, Vessels, and Washers, Propane Tanks, Rims, Scales, Scrap Metal, Stove Hoods, Tilt Switches, Tanning Beds, Tires, Trash Compactors, Treadmills, Vending Machines, Water Softeners, Weed Whackers, Wheel Balancers

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Joel Rowland
Joel Rowland
Great place to recycle electronics
Tania Cartagena
Tania Cartagena
Thank you for taking care of this beautiful world.
It Mart
It Mart
Very much impressed with the quality of service i get. I always use them for recycling my electronics, and they never stop to amuse me. They have my 100% trust and i would always use them in the future and would recommend to everybody as they know how to recycle the right way.
Tashi Johns
Tashi Johns
Very nice staff, easy drop off, and super reasonable fees for recycling appliances and such!
Greg Lund
Greg Lund
Recycle Technologies are my "go to" for all of my electronics recycling needs. I love that I don't have to worry or stress anymore about having a closet full of random electronics, accessories, and hazardous items that I can't throw away in the normal trash. Their staff is friendly and helpful, and with convenient drop off, the services they provide are a no brainer. Recycle Technologies - cleaning up the world one light bulb, power cord, battery, and circuit board at a time.👍👍
Joey Keith
Joey Keith
We couldn’t be more pleased with the level of service provided by Recycle Technologies. Our electronics are picked up within in a day or two of calling, the drivers are always friendly, professional (and again, fast) and the price is fair and affordable. Even with larger, one-off items, Recycle Technologies always comes through. They regularly help us remove and recycle items safely in the most cost-effective, environmentally friendly manner.
Managers are hard to work with here, the operations manager is prepared to fire you with in a moments notice for calling out due to sickness even after providing a doctors note. Would put 0 stars if possible

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