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Recycling in Milwaukee, we provide our service here as well.

Recycling Services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Need an easy way to manage your waste? Recycle Technologies offers a convenient recycling service for you in Milwaukee. Our one-stop shop solutions are reliable, efficient and cost effective.

The goal at Recycle Technologies is to increase the amount of recycling in our community, and additionally, to responsibly provide recycling services so nothing ends up in a landfill. Our services focus on making your business eco-friendly, protecting both you and the planet.

Our Goal

Recycle Technologies is devoted to partner with businesses in Wisconsin and Minnesota, from startups to global corporations and educational institutions. The company’s goal is to provide efficient solutions for waste management along with taking a leading position as an ecological corporate citizen. Fill in the Form or Call us at 262-798-3040 if you need recycling services in Milwaukee.

Recycling Services We Offer

We offer below mentioned services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Its surrounding areas.


Why Choose Us


Protecting the future by choosing to recycle all of our waste – nothing goes to landfill.

Forward Thinking

Coming up with new ideas and innovations to make the recyclable process easier.

Reliable & Flexible

A flexible and adaptable collection for your waste, that can be customized to meet your very individual requirements.


We will provide you with Certificate of Destruction and ensures that your recycled material stay out of landfills.

Looking For Recycling Service in Milwaukee ?

Recycle Technologies offers accessible and cost-effective solutions to ensure that our clients’ recycling needs are met quickly and efficiently. Fill in the Form or Call us at 262-798-3040 if you need recycling services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin 

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