Hard Drive Destruction Services

Confidential data stored on hard drive is a target of thieves. Simply formatting and deleting the files isn’t enough to guarantee that the data will be properly wiped out. Recycle Technologies offer secure hard drive destruction service and guarantee its customers that the data is completely destroyed and no longer recoverable.

Our hard drive destruction services prevent your company’s or your personal sensitive data from falling into the wrong hands.

We offer hard drive destruction services to business and individuals throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin. Our trained representatives will collect hard drives from your premises then destroy it at one of our secure facilities in Minnesota or Wisconsin. We have state of the art shredding machines ensure there is no chance of any sensitive data being retrieved at a later date.

Why Choose Us for Hard Drive Destruction?

Total security

We are well equipped with state of the art machinery to securely destroy hard drives. We well equipped to carry out this service in high security. We follow all state laws and regulations and provide our customer with certificate of destruction.


All of our IT disposal services are carried out in an environmentally responsible manner so we get the job done without causing any damage to the earth. Hard drives contain heavy metals which are toxic. At Recycle Technologies we ensure that no shredded waste ends up in a landfill and we recycle it right away.

Saving you time and money

There’s no preparation required for our hard drive destruction service. We offer highly competitive prices and we can destroy all of your unwanted hard drives regardless of the quantity.