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Recycle Technologies is a reliable choice for businesses in Wisconsin for recycling of all types. Our reliable and responsible recycling services are available in all cities in Wisconsin for TV, computer, batteries, ballasts, and all sorts of electronic items. After the completion of our licensed recycling services, we provide a certificate of recycling to all of our clients. The professionals at Recycle Technologies guarantee that you get your fair revenue from the recycling process.

Make A Smart Choice with Recycle Technologies

Recycling is becoming a common way of waste disposal in the state of Wisconsin. With the awareness of recycling in Wisconsin, more companies and individuals are trusting Recycle Technologies for their disposal campaigns. With our professional recycling solutions, we are helping small industries as well as large corporations in shifting to environmentally efficient ways of discarding their electronic waste.

Recycling Services We Offer

Below are the services we offer in Wisconsin and its surrounding areas.

Why Choose Us

Trusted and Local Service Provider

Recycle Technologies is a local minority-owned recycling company offering recycling solutions in Wisconsin since 1993.

Dependable Customer Service

We value our clients and their devotion for a better planet and ensure quality recycling services within time.

Custom Recycling Services

Get one item or hundreds of them, we can recycle everything based on your personalized requirements.

Quick Booking and Pickup

You can get a free quote by filling out the form, and our team will be at your doorstep in no time for a pickup.

Recycling Locations in Wisconsin

Recycle Technologies is proud to serve clients from all the major cities of Wisconsin. If your city is not listed, you can call our experts at +1 262-798-3040 and get free assistance.

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