Light Bulb Recycling

We eliminate the liability of your bulbs.

As one of the first fluorescent lamp recyclers in the US, Recycle Technologies has been a leader in lightbulb processing since 1993. New LED technology is being introduced and as a result we are seeing an all-time high in lamp recycling. As a business or environmentally conscious residential consumer you want to ensure you are bringing your lamps to a responsible recycler.

We are not a broker, there is no middle man with us. This means your recycling is performed by us in one of our Midwest facilities.  Items are not shipped off to someone else or sent to a landfill.

Most importantly, all items are handled and recycled responsibly. Because of our commitment to recycling done right, our team, building and vehicles are all certified in handling your Universal Waste Therefore, any concerns you may have regarding your own policies, and procedures when it comes to monitoring recycled bulbs will be eliminated! We certify that for you each and every time.

We like to call it Recycling Done Right

Accepted Lamps
Fluorescent Lamps

Plastic Coated and Shielded Tubes
Compact Fluorescent (CFL’s)
Green Tipped Bulbs
U-Bend or U-Shaped

Other Lamps

Ultra Violet (UV) Lamps
Neon, Argon and other Cold Cathode
High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps
Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium
Flood Lamps

Light Bulb Recycling


DOT requires careful packaging of bulbs for transport. The best method to package your used light bulbs is to use one of our fiber bins. If you do not have one of our bins, you can reuse the boxes your replacement bulbs came in.

Recycle Technologies can deliver packing materials to customers prior to pick up; let us help provide you with all your Universal Waste packaging needs. Contact us today!

Mail-In Program

We offer a nationwide Universal Waste Mail-In Program, making it easy to recycle your light bulbs with us from anywhere in the country.

1. Purchase your Mail-In Boxes by calling 763-559-5130 or going to

2. Fill boxes with spent bulbs

3. Ship back to us with FedEx and the prepaid shipping label we included in your Mail-In box!

What happens to the lamps?

Mercury contaminated phosphorus powder + filters are shipped to a distillation company.
Contaminated products are recycled, liability is eliminated and products are put back to use in industry. Glass is put to further use in industrial products. Aluminum caps are collected and sent to an aluminum salvage partner.

Bulb Recycling Locations

We cover 100-mile radius and all major cities from our facility in Minnesota and Wisconsin. You can avail our services in the following major cities. Can not find your city? Call us at (800)969-5166 to speak to our sales expert.

Minneapolis Bulb Recycling

Milwaukee Bulb Recycling

Wisconsin Bulb Recycling

Madison Bulb Recycling