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Light Bulb Recycling in Wisconsin

We eliminate the liability of your bulbs.

Harmful Impact of Fluorescent Lamps

Science has come a long way in the past few decades. From the development of light bulbs to upgrading them into energy-efficient lighting products, scientists sure have made human life simple. They are used by everyone and found in hospitals, schools, and homes.

But there is always a cost attached with ease. These fluorescent lamps are filled with materials such as mercury. Even though these materials help in keeping the fluorescent lamps running for a long time and consume less energy, they can cause harm to the environment if they are released. This is why fluorescent bulbs, tubes, and lamps need to be handled very carefully when being disposed of.
If one of these fluorescent bulbs breaks during disposal, small amounts of toxic mercury will be released. This will harm the environment. Even though the amount of mercury released is small, it is vital to remember that fluorescent lamps are created in batches of thousands a day. If the vast majority of these lamps break and their toxic mercury impacts the environment, lots of damage is done.

There is no doubt that small amounts of mercury in a single bulb have little to no effect on the surroundings. But if these bulbs break or for some reason the contents of the bulbs leak, then it can cause significant damage to the environment. The State of Wisconsin recognizes the implications of the harmful impact of fluorescent lamps on the environment. Keeping this in mind, awareness campaigns are conducted regularly throughout the year. There are many outlets, both governments based and in the private sector throughout the state that accept old fluorescent lamps and recycle them.

It is vital to remember that recycling fluorescent lamps is mandatory. Any individual who fails to do so may face legal implications in Wisconsin

Light Bulb Recycling

Disposing Flourescent Lamps

The disposal of fluorescent lamps is a simple process. By following the below-mentioned practice, people can easily save themselves and the environment from any kind of harm or damage:
1. If one of your fluorescent lamps stops working, carefully take it out of the switch. Try not to break the fluorescent bulb or tube.
2. Wrap it in a sheet of paper or cloth.
3. Put it in an empty box.
4. Place the box on a shelf somewhere so that the bulbs inside are not broken by accident.
5. Once the box is filled with bulbs, it is best to look out for vendors that accept fluorescent bulbs in Wisconsin.
6. You can drive out to their outlet and submit the bulbs to them or ask them to come and pick up the boxes.

Always remember, when in doubt about recycling an electronic gadget, it is best to consult a recycling specialist to keep things on the safe side!

2nd electronics

Accepted Lamps


Plastic Coated and Shielded Tubes
Compact Fluorescent (CFL’s)
Green Tipped Bulbs
U-Bend or U-Shaped

Other Lamps

Ultra Violet (UV) Lamps
Neon, Argon and other Cold Cathode
High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lamps
Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium
Flood Lamps

What to do when Recycling Flourescent Lamps?

If one of your fluorescent lamps stops working, it is best to wrap it up in a sheet of paper or cloth and put it in a labeled box. Collect all the bulbs in that box with time. When you have collected more than 20 lamps or bulbs for recycling purposes, it is best to reach out to a local organization (governmental or in the private sector).

If for some reason you are unable to keep them intact and the bulb breaks, carefully collect all the pieces, wrap it up, put a distinct label on it and then deliver it to the nearest recycling outlet.

Mail-In Program

We offer a nationwide Universal Waste Mail-In Program, making it easy to recycle your light bulbs with us from anywhere in the country.

  1.  Purchase your Mail-In Boxes by calling 763-559-5130 or going to

   2.  Fill boxes with spent bulbs

   3.  Ship back to us with FedEx and the prepaid shipping label we included in your Mail-In box!

Wisconsin Light Bulb Recycling Services

In the scenario that your fluorescent lamp has stopped working, it is best to take it to a nearby recycling store. If you are situated in Wisconsin, then Recycle Technologies is the perfect outlet for you!

At Recycle Technologies, we accept all kinds of fluorescent lamps. It is vital to remember that we are one of the few organizations that recycle fluorescent bulbs and tubes onsite. We do not outsource the recycling work to any third party.

Fluorescent tubes are the most difficult to handle during disposal. Due to this reason, Recycle Technologies encourages citizens all around Wisconsin to hire our services to recycle fluorescent tubes. Our recycling experts have vast experience in handling the process of fluorescent tube recycling. We follow an ethical, standardized, and regulated approach to our recycling techniques.


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