EPA suggests that consumers take full advantage of recycling options when it comes to how to dispose of fluorescent tubes. Any mercury light fixture is hazardous to your health and the environment. Recyclers have machines that can safely dispose of and recycle fluorescent tubes. There are several benefits if we do the dead. Such as the release of mercury. This happens when thrown in the trash. The main benefit of properly recycling fluorescent tubes is that it allows the glass to be reclaimed. Fluorescent tubes are 100 % percent recycled. This is a guarantee that Recycle Technologies makes.

Dispose of Fluorescent tubes

How do Recycle Technologies help dispose of Fluorescent Tubes and Lamps?

Consumers with huge quantities of fluorescent tubes can contact us as soon as possible. We will gladly take them off your hands and recycle them responsibly. Recycle technologies also sell pre-label cardboard boxes for a charge. Customers can use them to put their fluorescent bulbs in and then send them back to us. The cost of each cardboard box already includes shipping tags that we pay for. You can contact our team so that they can help you guide our mail-in program.

EPA suggests storing Fluorescent tubes in containers that prevent them from breaking. Recyclers require that fluorescent tubes arrive at their facility unbroken. Recycle Technologies is a Wisconsin-based Recycler with facilities in both New Berlin and Blaine, Minnesota. We are the only recycler that provides a service coverage area of 100 miles. Any person can avail of our recycling service using the mail-in program.

Why Mercury is dangerous and should be handled with care

Why Mercury is dangerous and should be handled with care?

According to EPA, fluorescent tubes contain mercury in their glass tubing. When the glass breaks, mercury escapes. This is hazardous to you and your environment as mercury is a known neurotoxin. In vapor form, it can enter your body efficiently and is highly toxic. Mercury poisoning results in cerebral palsy. That is why you should be aware of the dangers fluorescent tubes pose for you and your family. Handling with care is mandatory.

LEDs are a great alternative to fluorescent lamps and tubes. They save you up to more than 30 % energy and at least up to 50,000 hours. Keep in mind that improper disposal of fluorescent lamps and bulbs are against the law. Violators will be subject to civil and criminal penalties. They will also be held liable for contamination.

Why throwing fluorescent in the trash is wrong?

Recycle Technologies advises against throwing fluorescent tubes and lamps into the trash. Local trash collectors are strictly forbidden from taking fluorescent tubes into the collection. Putting them with your curb may result in trouble for you and your sanitation workers. No handling with care can shatter into millions of pieces that will be a hazard for you and your sanitation workers. The state of Minnesota prohibits throwing fluorescent tubes and lamps in the trash. This is how to dispose of fluorescent tubes

LED bulbs reduce carbon emissions at a faster pace than fluorescent tubes. These new kinds of illumination devices use less power. This means that LEDs are more efficient, and last longer than traditional fluorescent tubes and lamps. Moreover, LED does not contain mercury and can be thrown in the trash. Contact us for responsible recycling.