TV Recycling

Are you one of these people looking to get rid of your old televisions?
Then you must consider the option of recycling it.

At Recycle Technologies, our trained staff is experts in recycling televisions and disposing of electronics waste. We have a licensed and qualified team for TV Recycling and Electronics Recycling. We have state-of-the-art facilities in Wisconsin & Minnesota to provide recycling services following the State laws.

Cathode Ray Tubes (CTR) televisions are considered hazardous. This is because these tubes are made from heavy metals like lead and cadmium, and once these are out in the environment or discarded, they can spread quickly and cause an environmental health concern for the entire ecosystem.

When these items are being collected, a hazard consignment note may be issued. This will describe who is collecting the items, where from, how many, and where they will be taken to.

If you wish to book a CRT television disposal in Minnesota or Wisconsin, please fill in the form or call MN: (800) 969-5166, WI: (800) 305-3040.

All the new televisions in stores are made with mercury-containing glass tubes, which can be harmful to people but also all living creatures.

How to Recycle TV in Minnesota and Wisconsin?

Whether you need household or commercial TV Recycling in Minnesota or Wisconsin. We are just one phone call away. You can talk to our sales expert on MN: (800) 969-5166, WI: (800) 305-3040, or fill in the online. We provide free no-obligation quotes to our customers. All we need is just basic information about your recycling needs.

Book a Slot 

After accepting the quote, you can book a slot based on availability and convenience.

Pick Up 

Our certified experts will visit the pick-up location and pick up the unwanted electronics on the scheduled date.

Recycle for a Better Tomorrow

Our team will take the electronics to our facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin for recycling.

TV Recycling Locations

We cover 100-mile radius and all major cities from our facility in Minnesota and Wisconsin. You can avail our services in the following major cities. Can not find your city? Call us at (800)969-5166 to speak to our sales expert.

Des Moines TV Recycling

Waukesha TV Recycling

Madison TV Recycling

Green Bay TV Recycling

Appleton TV Recycling

Milwaukee TV Recycling