TV Recycling in Des Moines

Make retiring your old TVs easier by collaborating with your trusted TV recycling
partner in Des Moines.

Customized TV Recycling Solutions for You

Tired of watching your favorites on that old TV of yours? Perhaps it’s time for you to say goodbye to it and get a new one. But before you do it, let us help you recycle your old TVs so that you don’t feel guilty about contaminating the earth.

Recycle Technologies is one of the reputable TV recycling companies in Des Moines and provides Recycling Services all over Wisconsin and minnesota. Understanding the risks of carelessly retiring your electronic assets like TVs and LED screens helps us adopt sustainable, harmless, and responsible TV recycling methods. Our TV recycling services in Des Moines involve everything from pickup to recycling certification at the end.

Get Convenient TV Recycling in Des Moines

The team at Recycle Technologies works under strict ethical and legal guidelines that ensure that no harmful elements from electronic devices like TVs are released into landfills. With years of experience, advanced recycling techniques, and environmental protection standards, we offer services tailored to your individual or business needs. We have completed several TV recycling projects for our valuable clients all over Des Moines. Our TV recycling services are convenient, trustworthy, and affordable, which you can get by filling out the form or calling us at +1 262-798-3040

Recycling Services We Provide

We offer Electronics recycling solutions for all kinds of TVs and LED screens. Here are the top services we offer:

Why Choose Recycle Technologies?

Nature Friendly

The TV recycling solutions used by Recycle Technologies are carefully reviewed by our expert team so that we can play our part in preserving the natural environment as well as removing your electronic waste.

Legal Compliance

With Recycle technologies, you don’t have to fuss about obeying the environmental laws when disposing of your old TVs because all of our recycling policies are in compliance with state laws.


After the successful recycling process of your electronic devices, we provide our clients with a recycling certificate that they can use for legal or commercial purposes.

Personalized Services

We serve our clients with TV recycling services for TV screens of every brand, size, and technology. Our services are personalized to your projects, no matter how small or large they are.

Looking for Reliable Des Moines TV Recycling Services?

Not sure what to do with your old TVs? Recycle Technologies is glad to help you recycle your end-of-life electronic devices using harmless recycling solutions. Whether you have one TV you want to get rid of or a whole bunch of them, you can always count on us.
All you have to do is fill out the form to get a free quote or directly call us at +1 262-798-3040 and our experts will guide you about the whole process.