We all want the next best thing when it comes to technology, but when it comes to chalking out the old one, we are often clueless. Sure, the bulky TV box might feel harmless lying in the basement. It is where you feel bad for not getting rid of the old TV and your Google searches turn to something like: “What is the Best TV Recycling Near Me?” You will have to eventually make this search when hazardous materials like lead, mercury, and chromium leach out from the box.  

Recycle Technologies understands the dangers of improper e-waste dumping. We have a licensed and qualified team for TV Recycling and Electronics Recycling. We have state-of-the-art facilities in Wisconsin & Minnesota to provide recycling services following State laws. The fact that even though throwing TV sets in garbage landfills is prohibited, we regularly see some in residential trash collections. 

In this blog, we will help you understand the need for proper TV recycling, which TV recycling facilities qualify as the best in the business, and how Recycle Technologies is fulfilling those criteria. 

Understanding TV Recycling 

It goes without saying, but you should never toss your TV out on the street. You should always find a recycling center near you, that can take care of the gadget in a much more sophisticated way. Donating or selling might seem like an intelligent decision, but it just pushes the curbside dumping one step further: the other party might make the same mistake. Your ecological awareness must go hand-in-hand with a sense of electronics waste disposal efforts. 

As it turns out, TVs can be recycled to a great degree, helping recycling companies such as Recycle Technologies reutilize TV component materials such as plastic, heavy metals, and chemical waste. Each of these materials is separated during a TV recycling process and recycled or disposed of separately. 

If these parts can’t be fixed, they get broken down into parts like the screen, case, and chassis.

Your old TV might go through a shredder, where magnets would assist sort out the metal components. Water-separation technology aids in the separation of plastics and glass, while other mechanical processes can filter out additional metals like aluminum, copper, gold, silver, tin, and titanium. Once the parts have been separated, they can be bought and sold in brand-new gadgets.

TV Recycling Near Me

How To Find the Best TV Recycling Near Me

Research Options Online 

Start by searching online for “TV recycling near me”. Look for recyclers near you that handle TVs and focus specifically on e-waste. Check out their website and read reviews for their reputation. The research will provide a list of potential TV recyclers to evaluate further.

Verify Proper Certifications

Make sure short-listed “TV recycling near me” facilities have all the proper certifications. At a minimum, they should have an R2 or e-Stewards certification for electronics recycling. These validate the facility adheres to strict regulations. 

Ask About the TV Recycling Process 

A trustworthy recycling outfit should be transparent about its disposal procedures. Inquire about the steps involved in their TV recycling process. Responsible recyclers such as Recycle Technologies will dismantle TVs, safely remove hazardous components, and ensure toxic materials do not fall into landfills. 

Compare Costs and Logistics

Factor in any fees charged for TV recycling and transportation logistics. Some facilities pick up TVs directly from your home for a fee. Others require you to drop off the TVs. Understand all costs beforehand and make sure they align with other recyclers. Choose the most affordable option that also follows sound recycling practices.

Confirm Secure Data Destruction

For any TV with onboard storage, check that the recycling facility will adequately destroy your data. Responsible e-waste recyclers should provide a certificate of data destruction for liability purposes.

Go With Established Providers

It’s safest to go with an established, experienced company for recycling TVs. They will have the capacity, capabilities, and workforce to process large volumes of TVs securely. Newer recyclers may not have the proper infrastructure yet.

Choosing a professional, ethical TV recycler ensures your old electronics are disposed of safely while also keeping hazardous components out of the environment. Do diligent research to identify the best facility near you. Responsible TV recycling protects both people and the planet.

What options do I have when TV recycling Near Me?

Recycle Technologies has emerged as a prominent player when it comes to electronics recycling, with two convenient locations in Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you live in these states, you can easily find out which facility of ours is near you by a simple search engine query:  TV recycling near me.  

Let’s delve into the options provided by this trusted facility:

What can you expect from RTI for Residents of Minnesota?

Recycle Technologies’ Minnesota TV recycling center offers a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the responsible recycling of electronics, including televisions. With a team of trained professionals and cutting-edge equipment, they ensure that every step of the recycling process adheres to the highest environmental and safety standards.

Collection and Assessment: Recycle Technologies’ Minnesota facility provides a hassle-free drop-off point for your old TVs. The experts assess the condition of the electronics to determine the best course of action for recycling or refurbishing.

Environmentally-Conscious Recycling: The facility employs eco-friendly methods to disassemble and recycle TVs, focusing on the extraction of valuable materials for reuse in manufacturing new products.

Data Security: Recycle Technologies understands the importance of data security. They offer secure data destruction services, giving you peace of mind that your personal information remains confidential.

What can you expect from RTI for Residents of Wisconsin?

Embracing Responsible Recycling: At Recycle Technologies’ Wisconsin facility, we extend our unwavering commitment to environmentally responsible electronics recycling. Here’s what you can anticipate from our Wisconsin location:

Convenient Drop-Off Convenience: Our Wisconsin facility proudly offers a hassle-free drop-off option. You can effortlessly contribute to a greener planet by responsibly recycling your old television sets.

Championing Sustainability: Recycle Technologies incorporates eco-conscious practices into our operations. Our approach ensures that your television devices receive the utmost care, reducing their ecological footprint and minimizing harm to our planet.

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As we increase our dependencies on technology moving forward, TV recycling responsibly takes on a pivotal role in safeguarding our environment and preserving invaluable resources. By opting for the best TV recycling near me, you are making an informed choice to entrust your old televisions to us. Rest assured, your devices will undergo recycling using eco-friendly methods, thus contributing to a sustainable and thriving future for generations to come.

Play your part in nurturing a greener future by recycling your old televisions. Connect with us at MN: (800) 969-5166 or WI: (800) 305-3040, or take the initiative to request a complimentary quote. Together, let’s pave the way for a more eco-conscious tomorrow.