With Winter just around the corner, it is becoming a hassle to get out of homes and do our tasks and chores. Remote jobs have somehow made it possible to do our jobs but what about the rest of the chores? Granted you can surf on the internet and buy new things through it, however what will you do with the old stuff?  

The obvious way would be to recycle them through professional recyclers. Nevertheless, to achieve that you would need to drop the stuff off at recycling centers and pickup points. Recycle Technologies introduces Mail-in Recycling kits for your comfort and accessibility. Fluorescent tube disposal and other materials disposal can be achieved through the mail-in service. 

Why should you opt for Mail-In Recycling? 

Mail-in Recycling service gives you the benefit of doing your recycling through your home or office. You can get the entire process completed without having to worry about the fundamentals. You just need to order the kit through Recycle Technologies. Then you can put the materials in it safely and securely along with the pre-paid return shipping label. The mail-in service is a perfect solution for spent fluorescent tube disposal.  

The recycling kit has all the necessary materials you may need to recycle your tubes and bulbs. Standard 4-ft Straight Lamp Recycle kit includes heavy-duty recyclable cardboard box, cardboard liner, heavy plastic liner, Velcro tabs (seal between uses), zip tie to seal liner for shipping, and a pre-paid return shipping label. There is also documentation included for obtaining Certificates of Recycling online. 

What are Fluorescent Tubes made up of? 

A CFL bulb is constructed of glass, a ceramic and metal base, phosphor, a luminous powder, and a trace of mercury. The quantity of mercury vapor produced by a single broken bulb is insufficient to cause illness. However, it is advisable to prevent any mercury exposure. When multiple tubes are broken in the same location, it becomes poisonous enough to be hazardous. CFLs should not be discarded in household trash if they can be recycled. 

Why is Fluorescent Tube Disposal necessary? 

Three key aspects influence the decision to recycle light bulbs: environmental effect, reusable materials, and regulatory restrictions. When bulbs are discarded, they may shatter while in the garbage or landfill. Hazardous chemicals in the filament may seep out and poison the environment depending on the type of bulb.  

Furthermore, some elements of a light bulb may have reusable value, which means they may be recycled rather than thrown. The reusable material might be used to make raw materials for new products. This saves the energy necessary to create those basic ingredients from scratch. This ultimately saves the environment in its own way. 

In fact, in certain places of the United States, not only is traditional dumping prohibited, but recycling is also required by law. California, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, and Washington are among the states that require recycling. So instead of going towards fluorescent tube disposal, you should opt for recycling kits so that you can do your part in environmental protection. 

Fluorescent Tube Disposal

What precautions can you take while using CFL? 

Consider laying a piece of cloth on the ground every time you change a light so that any inadvertent breaking may be readily cleaned up. If you are still concerned about safety, you should avoid using fluorescent bulbs in places where they may be easily shattered.  

Consumers should also avoid using CFLs in bedrooms or carpeted areas where newborns, young children, or pregnant people visit. Finally, avoid storing too many used/spent lamps prior recycling to reduce the likelihood of breaking. Fluorescent Tube Disposal could be avoided by recycling techniques. 

What benefit does the pre-paid return shipping label give you? 

Recycle Technologies gives you an added benefit of pre-paid shipping labels. With these labels, you can rest assured that other than mailing the package with the recycling kit, you won’t need to do anything else. Rather than dropping it off at the recycling center, you can just drop it at any FedEx drop box. After that, your work is done. Now you can sit back and relax. 

Other Mail-in Recycling Kits 

Lamp Recycling Kits aren’t the only ones Recycle Technologies offers you. You can get other mail-in programs for electronics, batteries, smoke kits etc. Each of these kits caters to the specific needs of the materials in the objects. To know more about these, click on this link.