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Secure Services for Computer Recycling in Milwaukee

Managing your company’s tech resources like computers, printers, and laptops is not difficult anymore, but what is difficult is when you need to discard the old machines and get new ones. That’s where we jump in. Recycle Technologies is your local partner, offering reliable computer recycling services in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Whether you need to get rid of a single computer or you have them in bulk, we have you covered. With our commitment to a safer environment, we pick up your worn-out computers and promise to discard them using computer recycling methods that leave no residual in landfills. Call us now at +1 262-798-3040 and Schedule a pickup.

Our Goal for Computer Recycling in Milwaukee Wisconsin

Since 1993, our team of recycling specialists has been recycling end-of-life tech resources including laptops, computers, printers, etc in compliance with legal and environmental policies. We aim to provide waste-free and greener computer recycling services for small businesses as well as huge corporations working in Milwaukee. After picking up the recycling material from your location, the team at Recycle Technologies handles the rest and lets you be a part of making the planet waste-free with our certified computer recycling solutions.

Our Recycling Services

For more than two decades, Recycle Technologies has been providing the following recycle services in Milwaukee Wisconsin.

Why Us?

Protection of Data

Protection of the valuable data on your devices is one of our priorities and we make sure all of your data is erased using a proper protocol before we put them into the computer recycling process.

A Fair Return

We take pride in offering the most affordable computer recycling solutions in Madison Wisconsin. The team at Recycle Technologies reviews the value of your items and gives you a fair return at the end.

Certified Partner

When it comes to the best computer recycling in Madison Wisconsin, Recycle Technologies stands among the top names with its certified and licensed computer recycling processes.

Electronic Waste Management

The computer recycling techniques used by our professionals are designed to lower the electronic waste entering the landfills and make the environment more sustainable and healthy to live in.

Looking for Dependable Computer Recycling Services in Milwaukee?


If you are in search of the right company to trust with the appropriate recycling of your tech assets, look no further. We at Recycle Technologies offer computer recycling services in Milwaukee Wisconsin you can rely on.
No matter where you are in Milwaukee or whatever the size or quantity of your recycling material, just give us a call at +1 262-798-3040 and we will handle everything.