Recycle Technologies knows what to do with Old Printers.

Disposing of an old printer is as easy as it sounds. The only thing it requires is to look for a recycler that can manage that. You are in luck Recycle Technologies will gladly dispose of your old printer. This is a viable option than tossing them in the trash. Keep in mind that it is against the law to throw electronic goods that might harm others. Understanding the value why safe disposal is important. A handful of toxic elements are present in the printer components. They are also present in ink and toner cartridges as well. The plastic housing of the printed circuit poses a threat to the environment.

This is one of the main reasons why many states have decided to have stricter rules regarding dumping printers in landfills. Being aware help to avoid the problem at hand. However, being unaware will make the situation from bad to worse.

Why Disposing of Old Printers is Necessary?

The only way to properly dispose of old printers, so they don’t become a health hazard for you and your environment is by recycling them. AAA NAID recyclers like Recycle Technologies are perfect for properly disposing of old printers. They have state-of-the-art facilities in Blaine, Minnesota, and New Berlin, Wisconsin. They are perfect because they have a 100-mile coverage area. This means residents of Chicago can easily opt for their services.

Why is proper disposal important?

Recycling is the only way to properly dispose of an old printer.  Printers are electronic goods that contain toxic chemicals such as lead, mercury, and lithium which are harmful to the environment. It can emit toxic fumes when burned. This would suggest this is a hazard to you and your surroundings. A wise decision will be to recycle it. They are hefty fines if you do not properly dispose of old printers. In 2014 AT&T was fined 52 million dollars for improper disposal of e-waste and illegally sending toxic materials to landfills. Recycling is your only option when you require proper disposal of old printers. This is what to do with old printers.

Does Recycle Technologies recycle printer cartridges?

Printer Cartridges are recycled separately from printers. Recycle Technologies offers mail-in recycling services for these electronic components. The process involves draining these components of ink safely and properly dismantling the cartridges. After that, the components are sent for recycling. Recycle Technologies recycles all types of printers. This includes Inkjet printers, Solid-ink printers, Laser Printers, Mobile printers, 3D printers, Dot-Matrix Printers, Industrial Printers, and Large Format printers. Recycling is our civic duty. We only recycle 12 % of every day. Let’s change that number for the better.