Printers and scanners are seen as inventions that made it easier to generate paper documents, scan them, and share them around the world via the Internet. This device, when invented, was used mainly by businesses that were stable enough to afford it. A printer and scanner cost significantly more when compared to the income of an ordinary person or professional. Due to this problem, not everyone can afford to preserve these inventions. Despite this fact, the revenue market of printers and copiers is still in the early billions.  

According to research conducted by Statista, 

  • By the end of 2023, the Printers and copiers market will have generated $9.7 billion USD in revenue. The market is predicted to expand by 0.79% each year (CAGR 2023-2028). 
  • In terms of worldwide revenue, China generates the most ($2,288.0 million in 2023).  
  • Volume in the Printers and copiers market is expected to reach 106.7 million units by 2028. In 2024, the Printers and copiers market is predicted to rise by 1.2% in terms of volume. 

When a business purchases new printers they need to get rid of their old ones that no longer work or have become obsolete. The easier way to deal with this mistake is to dump them out in junkyards and garbage. However, this method directly affects the environment in a negative way with chemical disposition and toxic gases. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, printers and other end-of-life devices account for the bulk of mercury in landfills. As the device decomposes in a landfill, these harmful substances would leak into the soil and water, posing human health risks to the surrounding community. 

Printers and scanners smuggled overseas by criminals wanting to earn fast cash often wind up in vast “graveyards” in poor countries. They are then torched in the open to reveal the precious metals there, resulting in hazardous ash that people inhale and pollutants that enter the water system. These substances have been linked to serious health implications such as brain illness and birth problems. To ensure that the world is preserved and protected, Recycle Technologies offers you a chance to get your old printers and scanners recycled. 

Printers and Scanners used by Customers 

Printers are used by people in daily life to print documents, reports, pictures or other papers for various purposes. While these purposes are simple and obvious, the importance of printers is significant. A single printer is mostly used by a complete household or even multiple houses. There are copying machines used as a service by vendors in areas where not everyone needs to buy one. Instead of buying a complete printer, they just go to the nearest copier and get their work done.  

The same is the case for scanners used for personal chores. Scanners aren’t normally used for daily purposes and to complete the task that requires scanning documents, people just visit the nearest copier. In this way, they do not need to worry about disposing of these machines since they don’t own one. Although, the ones that do own these scanners and printers can just drop them off at the nearest Recycle Technologies drop-off center. 

Printers and Scanners

Disposing Machines used by Businesses through ITAD 

Businesses, however, require multiple or even dozens of printers and scanners for their daily processes. Businesses that have been in operation for years have now started to move on to better technology and advanced machinery. In such situations, the old printers or scanners are no longer required. To ensure that they are recycled properly, Recycle Technologies offers a pickup service of a maximum of 20 devices at a time for recycling purposes. In return you will be given a certificate of recycling and the gratification of responsible recycling. 

Our ITAD professionals can help you securely dispose of your IT assets while maximizing your earnings. IT assets provide several benefits to any business or organization, including data security, recovery value, and the elimination of IT waste. These outcomes are possible because of the effective ITAD strategies utilized by the specialists at Recycle Technologies. Recycle Technologies offers you state-of-the-art ITAD services that resonate with your goals.  

Where to get your Recycling done? 

The process of recycling is a pretty simple one for you. If you live near Wisconsin or Minnesota, you can just drop them off at the nearest center or post them to our centers via post. However, if you wish to avail the ITAD service, you can get it picked up from your place and recycled indefinitely.