Choosing the wrong recycler can be costly for you or your organization and land you in serious legal trouble. Due to the EPA regulations for battery recycling, your e-waste is your responsibility from start to finish.

Recycle Technologies is a certified universal waste recycler. It has been recycling e-waste since 1993.  Having all the necessary certifications signals that a recycler has the sole authority to do business. We have all the necessary documentation that allows us you fully recycle all your e-waste.

What Are Battery Recycling Services?

As per your state law, it is illegal to throw batteries into the trash. You need to dispose of them. You can either recycle them or donate them. Every recycler provides the necessary battery recycling service. What separates us from the rest is that battery recycling is close to our hearts.

Landfill Policy

A reputed recycling company, like Recycle Technologies, will always instruct on never disposing of batteries in a trash bin. Batteries, among other e-waste materials, end up in landfills this way, which makes the route of toxic chemicals of the waste all the easier to mix with groundwater. 

Be it any type of battery, Recycle Technologies has the expertise to obtain all the building materials for reuse through detailed protocols. Even though there is no federal law against e-waste or battery disposal, we take it upon ourselves to properly recycle all battery waste, no matter the ingredients. 

Battery We Recycle at our Recycling Center:

Following are all the different types of batteries we recycle:

  • Lithium-ion
  • Lithium Primary
  • Alkaline
  • Nickel Cadmium (dry and wet)
  • Nickel Metal Hydride (dry and wet)
  • SLAs (all sizes)
  • Cell Phone 
  • Laptop 
  • Battery backups
  • Power tool packs
  • Tesla Battery
  • EV battery
  • Mercury battery

Tips to Figure Out the Right Battery Recycling Company

Working with a reputable battery recycler will have significant effects on your company. Taking some simple precautions while going with a recycler can save your business money, time, and the public’s health. 

Following are some of the best tips to figure out the best in the business immediately:

Recycling Accreditations

Almost every reputable recycling firm requests national accreditation. Having all the necessary certifications indicates that the recycling company workers underwent professional training, allowing them to understand industry best practices. 

As a business owner, you have a legal obligation to ensure that the future of your unwanted products is entrusted to a registered waste carrier. At Recycle Technologies, we encourage people to look thoroughly at our associations and accreditation.

Our EPA, RIOS, R2 V3 (Responsible Recycling), NAID AAA, and the Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers (ALMR) certifications are some of our achievements on our website. This way, our customers can trust in our premium and environmentally friendly level of service they require.


If you have to choose a recycling company, look for an organization that has solid experience that speaks for itself. A reputed recycling company should have proper protocols for collection and handling processes. A good recycler should have solid capabilities for handling hazardous and non-hazardous waste. 

Take Recycle Technologies, for example. We have been in the recycling business since 1993. We are the only minority-owned Midwest-based company with facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

Over the years, we have gained hands-on knowledge about battery waste and ways to recover 100% of the materials for future use. We have strived to perfect our collection system, improve our recycling practices and elaborate our public relations to increase awareness.

Recycler Reputation

Experience alone can not paint the whole picture: you must discover their reputation with their previous customers. Our operational zones, Minnesota and Wisconsin, have state laws against rule breakers.

Some of these violations include not putting appropriate waste in their bins, to disregarding established safety procedures. When choosing the right company, do a quick internet background check to see if the name pops up in the news for all the wrong reasons. Even if they offer you a great bargain in terms of pricing, you should not pick them if they have an outstanding fine and a questionable reputation.

Battery Recycling

Reasonable Rates

The best recycling company, like Recycle Technologies, will be the one that offers fair pricing while still making a profit. You should always gather quotes from several businesses and conduct a market analysis of the available pricing options. This information will help you to negotiate a fair price.

Many customers believe it is wise to only rely on pricing as a factor. Sure, a company can offer you the lowest price possible, but there should be other things you consider. 

In Conclusion

To sum up, a good recycling company fully complies with the rules, has a reputation, provides services to various customers, and has speedy customer service. Recycle Technologies check all the above boxes. 

We collaborate with vendor facilities at each recycling step to provide comprehensive battery recycling services. To streamline the e-waste handling process, our professionals double-check every process, the quality of retrievals, and adherence to environment-friendly practices.