If you want to keep hazardous chemicals from landfills. Battery Recycling is the solution. Batteries are composed of various elements, but the prominent one is cobalt and nickel. Once batteries complete their usefulness, they are either scrapped or thrown in the trash. The latter is far more dangerous than the former. That is due to the part that almost all thrown batteries land in landfills. These become a hazard to the environment within days. They are prone to leaking toxic elements that can contaminate the soil and the water sources underneath them.

What can you expect from battery recycling?

With battery recycling, you can expect two things. One hazardous chemical is properly taken care of. And second, you don’t need to mine virgin resources to create new batteries. Instead, you will rely on the recycled materials to do just that. There are countless benefits of recycling. That is why the federal government has started focusing on battery recycling and which best practices to rely upon. The new infrastructure investment and jobs act has added the groundwork to why battery recycling is important. Through this law, a large amount of funding has been allocated toward the promotion of battery recycling.


Battery Recycling

What is the bipartisan infrastructure law, and how does it help battery recycling?

On 15th November 2021, President Biden signed the infrastructure investment and jobs act into law. The main goal of this law is to invest in the health and equity of American Communities. Part of the funding will be towards supporting local waste management infrastructure and recycling programs. Currently, EPA hopes to increase battery recycling nationwide.

 This suggests to many Americans that recycling is the only way forward. Our reliance on natural resources will cease once we find a way to properly reuse spent resources. And that way is recycling. Lead Batteries are the most common products in the market today. With recycling, we can claim up to 90 % of the spent materials present in them. With this resource, we can generate new lead batteries and stop our reliance on virgin resources.

How the new law will enhance battery recycling?

The infrastructure investment and Jobs Act will help support an increased focus on battery recycling. Now the law has allocated 10 million USD to EPA to develop battery recycling best practices. That is not all another 15 million USD has been allocated to list battery labelling guidelines. The deadline for these tasks is September 2026. The main reason the federal government is so much interested in battery recycling is the danger of discarded batteries.

When batteries are thrown away rare resources are4 lost forever and hazardous chemicals are prone to contamination. Mining new virgin resources is not only expensive but at the same time damaging for the environment. With the help of recycling, we can clean, process, and reuse these materials.

Why choose Recycle Technologies for battery recycling?

The corrosive elements in batteries are a fire hazard and create massive air pollution risks if not properly taken care of. Not properly disposed of batteries will cause overburdened communities, workers, and first responders to suffer. To protect our future generation, we must act now and move towards battery recycling. Residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin can rely on Recycle Technologies to provide them with a safe and secure way to dispose of their spent batteries. Our state-of-the-art recycling center is always able and willing to accept all your electronic waste. Our mail-in program helps residents dispose of smaller batteries and lighting sources such as bulbs. Please follow this link if you want to know how you can make a difference.

How the future of battery recycling is not written in stone?

This renewed focus by the federal government is a welcome sight. With the Federal government, we can expect battery collection and recycling programs to become more accessible for residents. These new practices will help local waste management to properly take care of the environment. In the coming years, Recycle Technologies feels battery recycling will become a huge focal point. With increased funding, innovation will be discovered for battery recycling. This means for the first time there will be less waste in our landfills.

With recycling you help reduce the negative impacts of the materials on the environment. You can help reclaim spent resources. The benefits of battery recycling which you can expect are:

  • Reduction in soil and water contamination
  • Reduced health risks for waste management workers, those living in communities, and first responders in charge of responding to landfill fires.
  • Reduction in mining natural resources
  • Lowering greenhouse gas emissions.


Battery recycling is a powerful tool. With it, you can decrease the chance of corrosive materials and heavy metals entering the environment.  The reclamation of the materials will help us create new batteries that will be better than the original. If you like to know more about how Recycle Technologies is making a difference when it comes to battery recycling, click here. To learn what is EPA doing for battery recycling click here.

Be sure to talk to our recycle technologies team about recycling your batteries for yourself or your business. We can help you properly dispose of your dead batteries and protect you from a legal risk that you may not see coming. With Recycling Technologies, we make recycling simpler. You can reach us at the numbers listed below. We look forward to helping you discover new ways when it comes to battery recycling.