The importance of recycling e-waste generates a significant level of benefits. Not only does it make the environment better. But many communities are safer from health hazards that are the by-products of these wastes. Here are some environmental benefits of electronics recycling.

Reduced mining of Virgin Resources

Almost all electronic products contain metallic components. The only way to extract them is to mine virgin resources. Our reliance on fossil fuels and natural resources is depleting the supply. This is hampering the environment and causing serious damage. When you recycle electronic components there is an impressive amount of reclaimed minerals. These include gold, palladium, copper, and silver. Reclaiming copper from electronic waste reduces our reliance on natural resources. We mine less ore as we generate more with the recycling process.

Source of Quality Resources for OEMs

Every time you buy a new electronic, the metallic and plastic components are from a natural resource. When the old ones are thrown in the trash, their impact on the environment is doubled. More natural resources are mined to compensate. By practicing safe recycling of electronics that we don’t need, we can save the environment. We also lessen the amount of e-waste we have in landfills.

E-waste is not biodegradable. This means it needs to be recycled. This adds biohazards to the environment which has dire consequences. Proper e-waste recycling means that manufacturers have a prominent source of metallic and plastic components to be used for newer devices. Hard drive recycling helps produce aluminum deposits that are great for automotive manufacturers. We reduce the depletion of natural resources and lessen e-waste dumping in the environment.

Prevents E-waste from pilling up in landfills

Landfills have become a serious environmental hazard and have a negative impact on all living things. When you fail to recycle electronics, these end up in landfills. After a short, while these metallic and toxic materials that a representative of the e-waste start seeping through the soil and contaminate water supplies.  

Recycling e-waste reduces electronic dumping in landfills which can impact the environment. When you place your e-waste in the hands of certified recyclers such as Recycle Technologies, you can be sure that proper care is taken to ensure safe and secure recycling.

Protecting Water Supply

Any e-waste that turns up in landfills will gradually seep toxic chemicals into the soil. They can contaminate wells and lakes. This could lead to chemical poisoning. The Flint Water Crisis is the perfect example of companies not properly recycling. Lead poisoning was the cause and if properly recycled we could have avoided this catastrophe. E-waste Recyclers such as Recycle Technologies prevent these fair amounts of toxic chemicals from entering our lakes and rivers. The importance of recycling electronic waste benefits us with clean water.

Save energy

By relying on natural resources, we use more energy than you can imagine. Mining leaves these places in a wasteland that harms the environment. Electronic Recycling can help curb our reliance on natural resources. In turn, we can save more energy. Energy is a blessing we can’t misuse. It has created a genuine importance of Recycling E-waste.

Reduction in Air—Pollution

By recycling electronic waste responsibly, we can reduce air pollution from toxic gasses. You can do your part by recycling your electronics at your nearest recycling facility. By doing this air quality in your community increases. By recycling, we preserve all living things. We can reduce greenhouse gasses by a significant number if we recycle more.

Protects the Soil

Electronic Recycling prevents toxic elements from entering the soil, they also protect the soil. A greener environment results in a cleaner atmosphere and a safer community. Recycle Technologies believes that this should be our mantra. For more than 30 years, Recycle Technologies has led the path of recycling electronic waste responsibly. The importance of Recycling E-waste has zero drawbacks.

Reduces Overhead Costs

Proper E-waste recycling ensures fewer overhead costs for businesses. Companies will spend less on dumping electronic waste if they start recycling more. This way they can generate non-renewable materials.

Help Combat Climate Change

Research has shown that 25 million tons of electronic waste are generated yearly. All electronic goods are a source of carbon. 146 million tons of carbon dioxide was created by cell phones this year alone. This greatly adds an adverse climate to our atmosphere. Not properly disposing of refrigerators and ACs led to 100 megatons of carbon emissions. Recycling these hazards lessens carbon emissions by more than 80%. Recycle Technologies can help you achieve that target in no time.

Safety by the Numbers

Using a third-party Recycler such as Recycle Technologies we can lessen your exposure to toxic elements. We make sure that your electronic goods are recycled responsibly. All the stakeholders operate in a safe and secure environment. We take responsibility for recycling and do not export any electronic waste. We pledge to that.

Birth of Circular Economy

Recycle Technologies has been recycling electronics since 1993. We were the pioneers of the circular economy which relies on reclaimed materials to be reused. Any materials that we recover never lose their overall quality because of recycling.

Inspires Social Responsibility

Recycling electronics to inspire a future generation to use sustainable goods. As human beings, we have an obligation to protect ourselves and our environment. By recycling waste, we make the future of our children cleaner. Recycle Technologies also shares this vision.  We have been advocating for recycling for decades. By creating awareness, we encourage you to do more to make your environment cleaner.


Recycling Electronic Waste has tremendous benefits for you and your community. The importance of recycling e-waste is not a one-sided affair. It benefits across the spectrum. It protects natural resources and strengthens the economy by relying on sustainable elements. Recycle technologies are at the forefront of doing just that. This is why E-waste should be recycled.

Our State-of-the-art facilities in Wisconsin and Minnesota help lessen the amount of electronic waste in significant numbers. Customers and businesses who want to lead a cleaner perspective can reach us at these numbers. We also offer a mail-in program for our out-of-state residents.