Our laptops might feel indispensable today, but we often need to recall that with new technology our older bulkier computers practically become obsolete. To contribute to a more sustainable future, responsible citizens should search “computer recycling near me.” They generally have good intentions. Recycle Technologies has steadily solidified its position as one of the most reputed computer recycling in Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

What is Computer Recycling?

Reusing and reprocessing old personal computers and portable electronic devices is what we call “computer recycling”.

We take care of keyboards, mice, displays, motherboards, and central processing units. These components include cadmium, silicon, lead, mercury, and chromium, among many others. It takes a long procedure to shape all these metals, cables, and polymers into a single computer component. Doing a simple Google search of computer recycling near me will help you find all locations near you. Wisconsin and Minnesota Residents can use this to find us asap.

Why Choose a Certified Computer Recycler?

Certified computer recycling services adhere to strict industry standards and guidelines for properly disposing and recycling electronic waste. By choosing certified services, you can be confident that your old computers will be processed in an environmentally responsible way, minimizing the potential negative impact on our planet. 

Additionally, certified recyclers prioritize data security, ensuring that sensitive information stored on your devices is safely and wholly erased. Especially in the day and age where sensitive information sells higher than most other valuable items, companies need to be vigilant about who can potentially get access to their data. Sadly, it is not exclusive to big corporations alone: everyone needs to have their privacy respected. 

Recycle Technologies has protocols to ensure that items are either recycled or destroyed, with proper transfer of information during computer recycling.

Computer Recycling Near Me

How to Find Certified Computer Recycling Near Me?

Go With Certified Recyclers

The validity of any organization comes from independent auditing or accolades they get along their recycling journey. Start by conducting an online search using relevant keywords like “certified computer recycling near me” or “e-waste recycling services in (your city/area).” This search will enable you to compile a list of local recycling centers certified to handle electronic waste responsibly. 

Among the finalized computer recycling companies, look for those with R2 (Responsible Recycling) award or Association of Lighting and Mercury Recyclers (ALMR) involvement. You can visit the Sustainable Electronics website to find R2 award-holder recyclers. 

In Minnesota and Wisconsin, our recycling centers provide diligent services to recycle all electronic waste. These certifications indicate that tour electronic waste recycling facilities follow strict environmental and ethical standards for waste disposal.

Find Out The Security Policies

Data security is paramount when recycling electronic devices. Double-check that the recycling service has a straightforward data sanitization and destruction process. When finding a recycler that provides the “best computer recycling services near me,” ask about their data erasure methods. Always ensure your personal and sensitive information is protected.

Recycle Technologies follows the EPA guidelines about disposing of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Our secure decontamination policy helps us eliminate the generator’s current and future liability. Our specific e-waste disposal requires us to go to the client’s location to remove the technology and the sensitive information it might harbor. 

Our shredding services (paper and hardware) involve such measures. When recycling computers, we ensure that the motherboard or internal memory is completely wiped out before we begin disintegrating the devices. 

Evaluate Environmental Commitment

When finalizing a certified computer recycling service provider, research their environmental commitment. Look for information about how they handle recycling, whether they practice responsible disposal methods, and how they minimize their carbon footprint.

Once you settle on Recycle Technologies, you will realize why that is the best decision: we believe that our ecological responsibility comes above everything else. Toxic chemicals and metals found in computer parts carry great hazard potential. While throwing them out in the garbage bag seems responsible enough, it is the worst idea. 

Recycle Technologies ensures our clients know about proper e-waste disposal by educating them via free literature and campaigns. We also offer pickup options for Minnesota and Wisconsin residential to encourage safe electronic disposal. 


Finding a certified computer recycling service near you involves thorough research, checking certifications, considering convenience, and prioritizing data security. By searching for responsible computer recycling near me, you can contribute to a greener planet while ensuring the proper disposal of your electronic waste. 

Recycle Technologies believe that ecological responsibility makes for convenient e-waste disposal. Choosing us for a sustainable and responsible approach to handling your old computers and devices can also help reach total cyclical recycling. Still, searching for a certified computer recycling near me? Click here to learn more about Recycle Technologies and our services.