Why Should We Recycle Electronic Waste?

Everyone wants to own the latest and most-recent technology gadget that is launched in the market. A staggering number of electronic devices are introduced every month. But what happens to the old ones? Most people just throw them in their storage somewhere and come across them after long periods. They want to get rid of the gadget by that time, but it is not an easy task. One cannot just throw out their computer in the garbage and pretend like the problem is solved. This junk turns into electronic waste. More and more electronic waste is filling up the landfills of our beautiful Earth. This causes a lot of havoc in the environment.

It is estimated that only 20% of the total electronic waste in the world is recycled correctly, while 80% eventually land up in different dumpsters. Environmental pollution is at its peak in this era. Many unheard diseases and health problems are emerging because of the improper treatment of electronic waste. There are several reasons why people must recycle electronic waste. In this blog, we will explore some of those reasons.

1.      Making the Environment Safe

Within the last one hundred years, mankind has completely destroyed the ecosystems and their environment. Electronic waste increases pollution drastically. These gadgets are filled with toxic materials and harmful chemicals. Once they leak into the nearby water reservoirs, they become undrinkable. Animals and human beings using this water source can become sick and eventually die.

Similarly, these devices are filled with metals, which start eroding when it rains. This further pollutes the water that goes into the nearby rivers or water reserves. Plants, animals, humans, microorganisms, and every living thing are severely affected by this impure water. Furthermore, some of the metals react with oxygen in the environment and creates toxicants. The air becomes impure and non-breathable. In areas where this is common, children are more likely to grow up with diseases like asthma and other breathing ailments.

Lead and Calcium are the two minerals found in electronic waste responsible for brain damage in most human populations.

2.      Freeing Up Space for Living Things

If you go around in third world countries, in more impoverished areas of the cities and villages, you will find huge dumps filled with electronic waste. The amount of land that this waste takes up in our world is getting more extensive day by day. With the increasing human population of our world, there is a dire need for more land to live on, grow crops, and manage livestock. But since there is a lot of electronic waste that has to be dumped somewhere, none of this possible. The rapid increase in e-waste implies that the area for human beings to live in will reduce.

By properly disposing of and recycling our electronic waste, we can ensure that our future generations have a safe and healthy space to live in.

3.      Reuse Materials

Our electronic gadgets are full of useful materials such as plastic, metals, and chemicals. Most of the materials inside those electronics are reusable. After tearing the electronic devices carefully apart, all the metal wires can create other things such as electrical wires.

Similarly, many components of your mobile phones and computers are made of plastic. This plastic is extracted from the devices and sold off to manufacturing industries. They use it for various different products such as plastic dustbins, chairs, and many more.

Glass is difficult to create. A lot of energy and effort is spent on making a solid piece of glass. By extracting the glass pieces out of our electronic gadgets, they can be used in other products.

By reusing materials that come after dismantling the electronic gadgets, we can reduce the cost and expense of creating those materials from scratch.  

4.      It’s the Law

Many people seem to be unaware of the fact that electronic waste cannot be discarded randomly. It is against the law to dispose of electronic waste properly. You can be charged, and a fine may be imposed if you are caught illegally dumping electronic waste in wrong places.

Final Words

The increase in the electronic waste throughout the world is an alarming matter for the whole of mankind. It is of utmost importance to take this issue seriously. If we fail to do so, we will be killing our environment, knowingly making Earth eventually inhabitable for generations to come. There are hundreds of benefits involved in recycling electronic waste. You can quickly get rid of your electronic waste and get it recycled as there are hundreds of recycling options available in the market for you

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