Yes, light bulbs are recyclable. Light bulbs are present in our homes and offices. With the innovation of technology, newer light bulbs last longer and are eco-friendly. But the real question remains what to do with your old light bulbs? Are light bulbs recyclable? These are some queries you try to find answers to. The good news is that this article will provide accurate information on how to properly dispose of light bulbs and properly store them. It does become confusing what to do once they have reached their end.

Light bulb fixtures come in a variety of models.


The most common of these models is Incandescent. These are old-school bulbs that come in traditional design. They burn out at a faster pace. Recycling them is always a challenge. These cheap bulbs are less eco-friendly. The good news is that you can dispose of them in the regular trash. The only problem is that broken glass might become an issue for collection and sanitation workers. You can avoid that by using Recycle Technologies. They can guide you on how to dispose of light bulbs properly. Their mail-in program is perfect for recycling light bulbs from your home’s comfort. The broken glass might become a hazard for you.


These light bulbs are brighter and longer lasting than incandescent bulbs. Disposing of these light bulbs involves contacting a recycling center. This is due to the part many states ban these to be thrown in the trash. For that reason, you should not put these light bulbs in curbside or trash bins. Many companies who sell these light bulbs have taken back programs. If all else fails then Recycle Technologies will gladly take these off your hands. We recycle all types of light fixtures. Our team will guide you on how to package these light bulbs before sending them our way. You can contact them at your leisure. They are available 24/7.


Halogen bulbs are another type of light bulb. They don’t have a protective cover like other light bulbs. They are most commonly found in car headlights. Unlike traditional light bulbs, they’re much brighter. The main drawback of using these light bulbs is that they produce a tremendous amount of heat and energy. Recycling halogen bulbs are common but finding a way to do that does become a challenge. Many waste management facilities do not accept halogen bulbs as regular trash. Your best bet would be to use a private waste management service provider. Packing them in a cardboard box is advisable.

Fluorescent tubes

These types of light fixtures are most common in big offices. All of these fixtures contain high doses of mercury. They should be thrown in the trash as they could damage the soil when they end up in a landfill. Mercury contaminates soil and water sources at a faster rate. This will make lead poisoning in Flint look like an afterthought. So, we suggest not throwing them in the trash. Universal Waster recyclers such as Recycle Technologies can be able to dispose of these light fixtures in a safe and secure process. You can find more information about them here. Recycling options might seem difficult to find, but that is not the case with Recycle Technologies. Their state-of-the-art recycling centers can purposefully dispose of fluorescent tubes.

Compact Fluorescent Lights

The future of light bulbs. These come in swirls and loops design. Compared to light bulbs they use far less electricity and are long-lasting. The main drawback is that they contain mercury which suggests throwing them in a regular trash can be hazardous. You can recycle them only through universal waste management specialists. Are light bulbs recyclable by Recycle Technologies? Yes.

Recyclers such as Recycle Technologies not only have the expertise but also the manpower to handle these safely. CFL recycling is also offered by many hardware stores. Accidentally breaking a CFL might be dangerous to you and your surroundings. Your best bet would be to store them in cardboard when they have reached their end of life.

The above information will answer the query are light bulbs recyclable or not?


We suggest that you should be aware of your local laws and regulation regarding how to dispose of light bulbs properly. Throwing them in regular trash might become a hazard for both sanitation and collection workers. Recycle Technologies is an EPA-certified State Contracted Recycler. They can provide a secure option to dispose of light bulbs. Their mail-in program is a perfect way to recycle your old light bulbs. If not disposed of properly they might become a hazard daily.