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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

What is LED bulb Recycling, and why is it important?

March 1, 2023
Innovation happens when something has run its course. The same thing is about incandescent lights...
What is LED bulb Recycling, and why is it important?

Innovation happens when something has run its course. The same occurs for incandescent lights and fluorescent lamps. With the advancement in technologies, many people in the United States have shifted to LED Lamps. The average shell life of an LED Lamp is 50 times longer than what you get from these mercury lamps. Since the luminance is 6 times greater, this kind of light source will last longer. LED light sources help reduce energy use, these are cost-effective and are great for the environment once you recycle them. It is wise not to throw them in your waste bins. 

They contain lead and arsenic which can be a hazard to your health and environment. You should dispose of them as soon as possible. Recycle Technologies provides a more accessible way you can do that. Our mail-in program was specifically built with this in mind. LED lamp recycling is an important process and requires care. These are fragile in every way possible. We suggest you wrap them in newspaper and put them in a cardboard box. Throwing them in the trash can injure someone, and the chemicals present can become a hazard to the environment. 

LED vs Mercury Lamps 

Homeowners did a great job disposing of old mercury lamps and switching to LEDs. But in time these soon will be part of the waste stream. It is good to know that LED materials are more than 95 % recyclable. LEDs are environmentally friendly which suggests that they harm you and your surroundings once you commit to LED lamp recycling. Common LEDs come with a huge amount of nickel. Various LED variations have lead and arsenic in them. 

These chemicals must be disposed of as soon as possible once they have completed their usefulness. Once they expire, disposal is the next step. Throwing them in the trash will only make matters worse. The Demand for LEDs has become critical and recycling them has become an important aspect. LED lamp recycling helps us claim almost 70% of the components in them. This helps us create new ones by not mining resources. 

Why have LEDs become the future? 

LEDs have become the future everyone accepts. Conventional Light lamps, halogen lamps, and energy-saving lamps all have been replaced with LEDs. This innovation has caused the demand to surge to the roof. With the demand, ever-increasing disposal has always remained an issue. That is why LED lamp recycling is prominent. We should do our due diligence and recycle LEDs since the function of LEDs has changed tremendously in the last decade. 

With innovations in LEDs, these light sources are used as mood lighting and decoration. Even Christmas lights have been replaced with LEDs because they offer better luminance. Adhering to this grand development Recycle Technologies Inc is committed to disposing of used LEDs. We do this, so we can protect the environment and use its materials for the creation of new LEDs. Rare Earth metals are present in LEDs and the only way to make more of them is to either recycle them or mine them. The latter is a big issue as it costs a lot whereas the former is cost-effective in every way possible. 

Why is LED lamp recycling so important? 

The recycling rate depends on the available options and their economic feasibility. Current market prices and raw materials are a factor. Manufacturers must spend more money to extract rare metals when they can be cost-effective and use the circular economy instead. 

Recycle Technologies use new tech and innovations in the industry to properly dispose of LEDs.  We appropriately separate and extract materials in a safe and secure environment. We have been doing this deed for more than 40 years. Research points out that LEDs require a separate process to properly dispose of them. That is what we have been doing. We feel that extracting the materials helps us keep the circular economy in a healthy process. 

Recycle Technologies’ Mail-in Recycling 

Not everyone is blessed enough to travel everywhere to do their chores. Occasionally some of the tasks get suppressed when another priority arrives. Rarely does recycling stand a chance against other important priorities like groceries, bills, checkups, and appointments. Even if they do get some spare time, the recycling centers are scarce and wide apart. It takes a huge toll to get there and back along with your recycling items.  

To counter this problem, Recycle Technologies offers a Mail-in Recycling Program. This caters to people all around the states who don't have access to recycling centers. Simply order your desired recycling kit from the website, pack the items with the materials inside the kit, stick on the pre-paid shipping label and drop it off at the nearest FedEx. It is that simple. Everything you might need to ensure a secure packaging is present inside the recycling kit. Now, we can't have you going around searching for centers, so we offer recycling kits for every other sort of item. You can get E-waste, Lamps, Batteries, Smoke Detectors and other product centric recycling kits at the website. So, fulfill your recycling responsibilities here. 


LED lamp recycling is an important aspect that we should not forego. LEDs have become the future we deserve. They provide the illumination we desire.  We are ready to dispose of Glass Lamps properly. We feel that the recovery of materials is indispensable as ever. The more we mine, the more we damage the environment. Global Warming is a real phenomenon. It would be wise to reuse and reduce. 

Courtesy: LED Lamps Recycling Technology for a Circular Economy — LED professional - LED Lighting Technology, Application Magazine ( 

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