Studies show that more than 266 million pounds of e-waste recycling in Minnesota still remains. The same study depicts that only 24% of the electronic waste is sent to recyclers. This suggests that either that e-waste lies in your homes or lands in landfills. This is one of the main reasons why people recycle less.

People Don’t Know What Their Options Are:

The obvious choice is that many people have no clue what are their recycling options. They assume that throwing in a container with a recycling logo means it will be recycled but, that is not the case. E-waste recycling can only be done by a certified recycler. This ensures that no e-waste lands in landfills and the waste stream is not a hazard to anyone.

What Happens When You Don’t Properly Dispose Of Your E-Waste?

Throwing them away is a simple reaction, but state law does not allow us to do so. We need to recycle our e-waste. People who tend to throw away their old electronics are charged once the local municipal company finds out. You can expect to either serve time or worse pay a fine. Now there is an easy way to avoid this. Recycle your old electronics at a recycling facility.  Minnesotans have numerous options for e-waste recycling. Recycle Technologies is one of them. Our Company is fully certified with all the necessary certifications. On top of that for more than 30 years we have been helping Minnesotans recycle.

E-waste recycling in Minnesota

What Is The Total Value Of E-Waste In Minnesota?

It will come as a shock to you that the total value of e-waste is $2.8 billion each year. And only $700 million worth of e-waste is recycled. The amount of reclaimable resources we discard is staggering. This paints a grim future for us. Manufacturers of electronics need to mine to circumvent the depletion of their material. They say if there is a will there is a way. That is the same story for e-waste recycling in Minnesota. If people started recycling through a certified recycler, then they would be able to claim back the resources from the spent electronics.

Why Reclaiming Resources From E-Waste Recycling In Minnesota Helps?

These resources will become part of a closed-loop system known as circular economy. This will help manufacturers reuse resources that they assumed were lost forever. This initiative by certified recyclers like Recycle Technologies helps us in the long run. It creates job opportunities and at the same time, we mine fewer virgin resources. Research has shown that if e-waste recycling in Minnesota were at 100% it would create more than 3500 new jobs. These jobs will not vanish as e-waste is one of the worst waste streams. More and more collaboration will help us lessen the damage to our lives and environment.

How Does E-Waste Recycling In Minnesota Help In Creating New Opportunities?

E-waste recycling is a complete process. It involves the handling, disassembly, the shredding, and the processing of e-waste. This requires human resources that can make the process work faster. Currently, these jobs are going out of state and that is one of the reasons why we can’t make the dent into our annual goal of reducing carbon emissions. E-waste recycling has tremendous potential. With the help of certified recyclers such as Recycle Technologies, you can expect a gradual change in how we recycle. Challenges do await. But the key thing is that every certified recycler wants to amend Minnesota’s 2007 Electronics Recycling Act. Technology has been innovated, but the policies remain the same.

TakeI fax machines. They are no longer part of the waste stream anymore. This suggests that fax machines are coming less to be recycled.

Why Choose Recycle Technologies For E-Waste Recycling?

Regardless of where Minnesotans live, Recycle Technologies provides a drop-off facility. So, this way you can recycle electronics easily. People who are concerned about data privacy. We recommend that you check out our certification. It will bring peace of mind that Recycle Technologies is certified by the National Association of Information Destruction. It is one of the highest standards for information destruction in the industry. All data is destroyed before leaving our recycling facility.

Final Thoughts

Minnesota will prosper if e-waste recycling is at 100 percent. We should make the difference before this waste stream becomes too hot to handle.