How to dispose of plasma tv

With the affordability of electronics, Americans are disposing of televisions faster than ever. Only a small fraction of television is properly recycled according to the data from US EPA. The rest of this electronic waste ends up in landfills, where it can pose a serious risk to the environment. At the moment you have several ways you can dispose of plasma tv responsibly. Your first step for proper disposal is to sell. If that is not possible, donate. In the case that your plasma Tv is not working your only solution left is recycling your possession. Recycling companies like Recycle Technologies use heavy machinery that can salvage valuable materials from electronic devices. They can dispose of toxic elements, so they can’t harm anyone anymore.

Who is Recycle Technologies?

At Recycle Technologies, we know how to dispose of plasma TV and other electronics. We began this journey in 1993. As of now, we have two state-of-the-art facilities that recycle electronic waste in three states. In the US there are 1300 landfills. All these landfills are reaching their storage potential. By recycling, we can lessen the load on state landfills. We make it easy for residents of Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Iowa to recycle electronics responsibly. Our facilities are clean of Chemicals, Bodily Fluids, Insects, Animals, and Food.

Does Recycle Technologies dispose of Plasma tv?

If your plasma tv is broken that is fine. Likewise, if you have a partially dismantled TV we at recycle technologies take that too. Once it reaches our facility, we assess it before breaking it down into its separate components. We sort all the components and process them. Once processing is complete, they can be used in other products.

What else do we offer

What else do we offer?

We provide a full range of recycling services. If you have any questions about our services or don’t see what you are looking for contact us, our team can fill in the gaps you might have. For your convenience, you can easily rely on our mail-in program. Just sign up, print your prepaid shipping tags, place them on the electronics you want to recycle, and ship them. That is how simple the process is. Recycle Technologies recycles other items as well. This includes:



Household Appliances


Digital Cameras

Mp3 players

DVD players

All types of TVs



Please make sure that your plasma tv doesn’t end up in your landfill. By doing your part, we can do ours and recycle together. This way our future generations don’t need to suffer the consequences.