How to dispose of a Laptop Battery

Most laptops use Lithium-ion to power up. Many manufacturers classify them as rechargeable batteries. This means you plug them into a power socket, and they will supply power to the laptop if you use them. In time these rechargeable batteries start to show signs of decay. Some batteries don’t charge the way they used to while others empty out very quickly. When this happens, these batteries need to be replaced if you want to continue using the laptops. Whenever this happens, we suggest that you don’t throw your battery in the trash. Your best bet would be to recycle the battery. Not only will the recycling process help clean up the earth from toxic waste but also provide options for refurbished technology. The information below will discuss everything about a laptop battery and its recycling. 

What Steps to Follow to properly dispose of a laptop battery? 

Your first goal is to confirm that the battery is truly dead. You can confirm this with a specialist. To remove the battery from the laptop you need to open the bottom clips of your laptop. This is the standard way to remove the battery from the laptop. Every manufacturer has a different design. Seal both ends of the laptop battery with non-conductive tape. 

By doing this you can prevent the laptop battery from leaking out. Placing the laptop battery in a bag is also a good tactic. However, if you still have any difficulty, talk to Recycle Technologies and inform them you want to recycle a laptop battery. They will take your information concerning your location and send you printable shipping tags that you need to place on your bag.  

Laptop Battery Recycling through Recycling Kits 

Normally, Recycle Technologies has facilities in Wisconsin and Minnesota but for the residents in the other states of America, we have another possibility. You can order our Laptop Recycling Kits to your home, pack them with your laptop batteries and drop them off at the nearest FedEx. The kit contains all the equipment you may need for the safe packaging of the batteries.  

The kit comes with cardboard shipping box, 3.5 gallon plastic pail with insulation, heavy plastic liner with zip tie and a pre-paid return shipping label. There is also a document that explains the method of obtaining Certificates of Recycling online. Moreover, the kit can accept Alkaline, Nickel Cadmium (NiCad), Zinc-Carbon (Zn), Rechargeable Lithium-ion (Li-Ion), Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), and Mercury, Silver-Oxide batteries. 

What is the Advantage of Recycling a laptop battery responsibly? 

There are several advantages of laptop battery recycling. Conservation is one of them. If we recycle a laptop battery, we save our virgin resources. We as a collective can conserve materials for future use. By properly disposing of laptop batteries using recycling, we can reduce electronic waste. The waste otherwise ends up in garbage or landfills and pollutes the soil.  

The reclamation process of Recycle technologies is one of the best. It helps fully reclaim the useful materials that in turn are the basis of new batteries. Most people don’t know this, but recycling laptop batteries helps reduce greenhouse gases. In turn, this reduces our carbon footprint. Using this initiative, we make our planet greener. 

Why are rechargeable batteries the future? 

The technological advancement in batteries has made rechargeable batteries less expensive and more dependable. Rechargeable batteries are smaller than those you currently use and produce much less e-waste. Rechargeable batteries such as laptop batteries can be recharged over and over. However, in time the battery to hold the charge decreases. When that reaches a threshold, it starts to leak. 

These are some of the signs that suggest that it is a suitable time for battery recycling and replace your current one. Not properly disposing of laptop batteries may lead to damage to you and your surroundings. Knowing how to dispose of a laptop battery is critical. It helps you prevent mishaps before they happen. 

Recycle Technologies can show you how to dispose of Laptop Battery 

Recycle Technologies will happily help you recycle your used-up laptop batteries. Lithium-ion batteries can produce sparks when they come into contact with other materials. Your local disposal facility isn’t equipped to recycle a laptop battery properly. Keep in mind in some states it is illegal to do so. 

If you are in Wisconsin and Minnesota, you are in luck with Recycle Technologies providing excellent recycling services. Our facilities are in New Berlin, Wisconsin, and Blaine Minnesota. We have a 100-mile coverage area. If you are out of state, you need not worry. We have a mail-in program where you can mail in the electronics you want to recycle. Talk to our customer support agent, and they will guide you through the whole process.  Always make sure to keep your laptop batteries away from your other batteries. 

Why Choose Recycle Technologies for your recycling needs? 

Recycle Technologies is the perfect recycler that helps you dispose of laptop batteries. Our State of art facilities are the perfect place where you visit and dispose of your laptop batteries. We are available 5 days a week.