All things come to an end eventually. That is the same case for your electronics. Either the components become obsolete or they don’t meet the requirements. That is the same case for laptops. That is why laptop recycling is an important aspect if you want to safely dispose of your electronics.  Getting rid of it properly is best for the environment and you. As always you can donate your electronics. Only do so if it is in functioning order. This will brighten someone else’s life.  Charity starts at home.

How we can Reclaim Resources through Laptop Recycling?

This might come as a shock to you but more than 320 tons of gold (Ag) and 7500 tons of Silver (Fe) help construct computers. With this recycling, you can expect it to reclaim these resources. It is far better than mining virgin resources. Why harm our planet? With a circular economy, we can do wonders by reclaiming resources. These can help us in the long run. But only if we do our part. Recycle Today for a better tomorrow.  Carl Sagan already suggested that time is up.  But if we do our part, we can make a difference.

What options do you have when it comes to Laptop Recycling?

We can lessen the amount of e-waste in our homes and landfills. The only problem I see for customers today is that they presume that they have zero options when it comes to disposing of electronics. That is not the case. You have a variety of options available to you when properly disposing of electronics. You can sell them. Donate them. Or recycle them through us. The latter will help us by lessening the requirement of mining new resources.

Just think about it. If we recycle one million laptops, we can save enough energy to power 3,500 homes in the US alone. Having a clear idea of why laptop recycling is important is critical. But the real question comes to you. 

Why Recycle in the First Place?

Well to answer you, it is the right thing to do. The amount of e-waste in our homes is staggering. Our reliance on electronics suggests that we are not disposing of them when we must. They might have some historical value but the only thing that they are making history is our health. Harmful chemicals in them start degrading over time. They start releasing chemicals that bring a hazard to us and our surroundings.

 We try to throw them in the trash but only find out that is illegal. Before you do that, it is wise to check if electronics are allowed into the normal trash. Some states have banned electronics from municipal waste. To check which states have done this visit the link below. This will provide all the information on what to do with electronics recycling in Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc.

Laptop Recycling

Why E-waste is the Worst?

E-waste is one of the worst waste streams ever. It has grown exponentially over the years.  By throwing them in landfills we are poisoning our futures. Hazardous chemicals are known to be present in them. They can contaminate water sources and soil.  This can go from bad to worse in mere seconds. We know that you don’t want that to happen. We believe you can make a difference by recycling with us.

Why Laptop recycling is complicated?

Laptop recycling is not as easy as it seems. A certified recycler such as Recycle Technologies will first check the state of the laptop. If it is in functioning condition, it will move it towards reuse. If not, it will be recycled responsibly. The first step is the dismantling of the item in question. Laptops are mobile computers that have a variety of components that require them to be removed. A laptop contains all these hazardous substances such as zinc, lead, cadmium, mercury, and chromium. All components are needed to be removed safely and shredded if necessary.  

What can we expect from Laptop Recycling?

Rare resources are also present in a common laptop such as nickel, gold, indium, lithium, and platinum. They have a lot of market value and help a lot when creating newer electronics. By supplying manufacturers with these components, we can expect to reduce the mining of virgin resources.  Before recycling your laptop, we will either destroy or erase your hard disk drive. You can click to view what services are available to you when it comes to IT asset disposition. All retailers charge a small fee just like us.


The only difference is that we are fully certified and will make sure your electronics are taken care of. You don’t want your shortcomings to come back and haunt you. Pawn shops are a great place where this could happen.

With Recycle Technologies you can expect peace of mind. We will make sure your electronics are properly taken care of.  Laptop recycling is one of the few ways to properly dispose of laptops. Come join us in making our planet green.