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Global Recycling Day: Effective Ideas for a Greener Planet

March 20, 2024
Recycling is crucial to the circular economy, helping to preserve the Earth’s natural resources. As the world increases its consumption of finite resources, recycling has been recognized as an even more integral component of the modern era. It has been identified in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, with a lot of governments and […]
Global Recycling Day

Recycling is crucial to the circular economy, helping to preserve the Earth’s natural resources. As the world increases its consumption of finite resources, recycling has been recognized as an even more integral component of the modern era. It has been identified in the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals 2030, with a lot of governments and local bodies acting to propagate the global green movement.   

Recyclables are now considered as the “Seventh Resource” and are reported to save over 700 million Tonnes in CO2 emissions every year. However, it is important to note that these stats reflect only 16% of waste that is recycled.   

This means that 46% of waste material is disposed of unsustainably and ends up in either landfills or is incinerated.   

Global Recycling Day is an initiative to encourage activities, people, and organizations who are contributing positively towards sustainable development through a focus on recycling. It is celebrated every year on the 18th of March, and this year it will fall on a Saturday.   

History of Global Recycling Day  

Every year, Recycling Day adopts a unique theme to inspire communities to support the global sustainability agenda.   

Let’s have an overview of the numerous themes that have been chosen by this initiative over the last few years.   

2019 Theme  

“Recycling into the future” was the incentive in 2019. The main goal was to invite thought leaders from across the globe to exchange views and methods on how to ensure sustainability in the long term.   

2020 & 2021 Theme 

In 2020 and 2021 Global Recycling Day went with the theme of “Recycling Heroes”. These years showcased and celebrated individuals, organizations, and communities who had undertaken the green revolution and achieved or initiated a positive call for action toward an increased recycling trend.   

2022 Theme  

In 2022, the theme focused on “The Recycling Fraternity”. Like some of the previous years, this too was a call to motivate people to work collectively towards a greener planet.   

It went one step ahead by informing people about the roles they can play in their homes, offices, and the public that can contribute positively to a cleaner environment. As the name suggests, the theme concentrated on the communal effort required to engage in environmentally responsible activities.   

This involves changing how society sees waste. If more and more people can be educated to see it not as something useless but as something that can be reused, it is bound to bring a long-term change.   

2023 Theme 

For 2023, the theme encompassed the idea of “Creative Innovation”. This year, new ideas and technologies were at the core of the Recycling Day and were welcomed especially coming from large-scale enterprise groups and industries.   

Numerous industry leaders shared their thoughts and brought to light creative methodologies to transform waste into useful products. For instance, recycling old batteries to recover valuable metals can lower the manufacturing costs of newer batteries.   

What is the Recycling Day Theme 2024?   

This year, World Recycling Day is all set to celebrate “Recycling Heroes” which is the theme decided for 2024.  

The goal is to applaud people who are making an earnest effort to recycle their waste, including electronic waste and hence helping to make this planet viable for future generations.   

Ways You Can Put Your Part in a Greener Planet this Recycling Day  

Recycling Day presents the opportunity for all individuals to play their part in the efficient disposal of solid waste and adopt sustainable practices to lessen our negative impact on the planet.   

At Recycle Technologies we understand the importance of responsible waste disposal and its contribution to a healthier environment for everyone. Here is our list of the most effective ways you can follow to ensure a greener planet this World Recycling Day 

Sort Out Your Trash 

First and foremost, separate recyclable material from your trash. This is the first step you can take at your home or office to play your part in a sustainable future. Always make sure that your recyclable material is clean, empty, and dry.   

To ease the process of sorting out your trash, Recycle Technologies provides specialized boxes to store all your electronic waste and keep it segregated from other waste materials. 

Practice Recyclables Collection Methods  

It is a good practice to leave your recyclables on the curbside to be collected by authorized recyclers.   

At Recycle Technologies we encourage our customers to contact us for our specially crafted boxes for waste like light bulbs, old batteries, and other electronic waste.  

Our trained recycling staff picks up these boxes once they are full and delivers them to our recycling plants in Wisconsin and Minnesota for recovery and recycling.  

Keep Electronic Waste Out of Household Waste  

As a specialized company that deals with the disposal of electronic waste, we cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your household and electronic waste in different trash cans.   

It is vital because if e-waste is disposed of with other solid waste that ends up in a landfill, the toxic chemicals present in batteries and other electronics can leach out to contaminate precious groundwater resources and soil.   

Another hazard of not separating electronic waste from daily waste is that when such waste items are incinerated along with daily waste, they can cause fires and explosions.  

Drop off Your Recyclables at a Recycling Plant  

Another thing you can do is to collect your recyclable material over a period at your home or workplace and then take a trip down to your nearest recycling facility to drop off your load.   

Recycle Technologies welcomes people from vicinities near Minnesota and Wisconsin to visit our recycling plants and deposit your e-waste enclosed in plastic bags or boxes provided by us for this purpose.  

Raise Awareness  

The more we recycle our waste, the fewer landfills we will have. Each individual must understand their role in the progress towards a better and greener environment.   

It is also important to raise awareness and encourage and incentivize people and communities to embrace greener waste disposal activities to ensure the preservation of natural ecosystems and resources.   


Global Recycling Day falls on March 18 every year and draws awareness of the need for and importance of recycling. The concept of recycling has been around for several decades, but what is needed is for trends to be translated into actions. Now is the time to act for a sustainable future and a cleaner environment.   

About this, the community and enterprises need to walk hand in hand. Efficient disposal of waste and preservation of natural resources is indeed a combined effort that produces scalable results.   

Recycle Technologies: Paving The Path Towards Sustainability   

At Recycle Technologies we have garnered a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment and translate this into our eco-friendly waste disposal services.  

The growing capacity and coverage of our services are proof of our credibility in the recycling industry. We take pride in offering state-of-the-art services at affordable prices to a wide variety of clientele across Minnesota and Wisconsin. 

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