America Recycles Day

Recycling is a healthy habit and must be practiced by everyone, every day, in every area of life. To raise awareness and emphasize the importance of recycling, the United States observes America Recycles Day on November 15th every year.

Background of Recycling

Humans have been recycling since the beginning of time. Throughout history materials and food have and continue to be conserved and reused. But the rise in the development of materials such as plastics and metals has increased toxic human waste as well as energy expense.

With fast and harmful effects of pollution on our environment, action needs to be taken quickly. One of the easiest ways to preserve and clean the environment is to improve the recycling process. To stress the importance of recycling, America has observed America Recycles Day since 1977.

Significance of Recycling

To understand the importance of America Recycles Day, it’s best to understand some of the types of recyclable materials and the areas impacted when we recycling them.


Aluminum is an essential part of the energy creation process. Hundreds of products use aluminum. Using aluminum to create products is very smart because it can be recycled and reused an unlimited number of times.

Recycling one aluminum saves enough energy to run a television for a few hours!


Millions of creatures living in the sea choke to death or fall ill because the high volume of plastic bags thrown into the sea, but by recycling plastic bags (and other plastic products), we can reduce the energy and materials wasted during its creation.

Producing a pint-sized bottle of water requires about 2,000 times as much energy as producing the same amount of tap water.

Landfill Space

A lot of recycled material is disposed of and thrown into landfills. Plastics and metals produce toxic content over time which eventually seeps into the soil. Living things nearby like plants and insects are destroyed completely. Their habitats are ruined.

How to Recycle E-Waste

Why is Recycling a Computer Important?


According to, there will be an estimated 1.1 million new jobs created in the field of recycling by 2030. Hundreds of companies offer recycling services. Many organizations collect garbage and sort out materials to be recycled. By doing this, job opportunities are created, unemployment is reduced, and the economy is boosted. 

Earth’s Resources

Recycling puts huge volumes of resources into a resource cycle. Manufacturers use recycled materials to create hundreds of products, but without caution, Earth will run out of these resources. In parallel, creating and refining new plastics and metals consumes a lot of energy. By implementing recycling processes we reduce the speed at which we use virgin resources.

Participating in America Recycles Day

Despite popular beliefs, there are many different ways a person can celebrate a recycling day. Two ideas easily come to mind.

  1. Make a promise with oneself to practice recycling for the rest of the year. Promote and use the products and services of organizations that believe in and perform recycling. Reduce the number of plastic products that you use throughout the day and look for better options than plastic. Purchase recycled products if there is a dire need to do get something made of plastic or metal.
  2. Participate in the various activities that happen all over the States on recycling day. This makes it easy for you to be involved by attending an event held at your local recycling organization. This will help you in learning new things about the recycling process and many other recycling relevant things. Take pictures and videos throughout the event. And at the end of the day, share them on social media platforms. This not only creates a good impression on people but it also increases their awareness.    


The success of our future generations depends on the environmental conditions we leave behind. Recycling is an important step in cleaning our highly polluted environment. A small contribution can make a big difference in the long run. As socially responsible individuals, we must celebrate Recycling Day with great enthusiasm and work hard to ensure the message reaches everyone around the States.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can one person recycle their products to make a change?

Every single person plays a vital role when it comes to recycling. By following proper recycling methods, you can reduce your carbon footprint and make the environment safer for future generations.

Person by the person, box by box, the environment can be saved!

  • On what day of the week does America Recycles Day fall?

America Recycles Day lands on November 15th. The following are the days on which America Recycles Day will fall in the five upcoming years.

Year Day Date
2020 Sunday November 15
2021 Monday November 15
2022 Tuesday November 15
2023 Wednesday November 15
2024 Thursday November 15
2025 Friday November 15

  • Do we have a system set up for curbside compost waste collection?

American homes throw out large amounts of waste daily. This includes things like paper and plastic which could actually be recycled. But it also includes food waste that could be composted. Unfortunately, America lacks a nationwide system for collecting and recycling curbside compost. Check with your local waste management, county, city or recycling organizations to see what options are available to you.

  • Who handles information and event planning regarding America Recycles Day?

In almost every state, waste management organizations are responsible for planning events and spreading awareness about America Recycles Day. So you can check with them to get information. In addition, local government municipalities may also host events through privately owned organizations.

  • Are all recycled products considered secondhand?

Not all recycled products are considered second hand. Materials like plastics, copper wires and aluminum are reused to form completely new products. For example, most plastic office furniture is made up of recycled plastics.