Many people in the US believe they are doing their part by choosing a recycling center at random. We all should be doing our research before committing to sustainability efforts.  

Recycle Technologies stands above the competition by having a recycling facility in Wisconsin and Minnesota. This way you can easily dispose of electronics. Our commitment to achieving zero waste goals by utilizing higher quality, non-hazardous solid waste disposal facilities sets us as one of the best center for recycling in Wisconsin 

Why Choosing a Certified Recycling Center is Important? 

Picking the proper center becomes even more critical when you realize that they don’t just help with waste management but with data security as well. Many reputed centers provide shredding services where they make sure no sensitive information on a company PC or hard drive is handled poorly. If an IT company needs to pick the best recycling facility like Recycle Technologies, they are taking a huge gamble with their cyber security. 

The best centers of recycling offer customers a complete chain of demolition and recycling processes. Companies should ensure that the recycler is certified for electronics recycling. An EPA-certified company, such as Recycle Technologies, should be your choice that adheres to robust standards.  

Advantages of Choosing Recycle Technologies  

Ecological Awareness and Responsibility

Certified  recycle center in Waukesha prioritize environmental responsibility. Recycle Technologies shares a parallel approach: We uphold stringent regulations and ethical standards, guaranteeing the eco-friendly disposal or recycling of electronic waste. When you opt for our services, you actively mitigate the adverse environmental effects of e-waste.

Convenient Recycling Center in Wisconsin

We are here to save you time and effort. Here are all the locations of our center in Wisconsin covers.

  • Oak Creek
  • River Hills
  • Shore wood                      
  • Hales Corner
  • Wauwatosa                      
  • Fox Point
  • Glendale                           
  • Whitefish Bay
  • Brown Deer                     
  • Green dale
  • West Allis                         
  • Cudahy
  • Greenfield                       
  • Franklin

Legal Compliance with State Laws

In the state of Wisconsin, specific laws dictate solid waste management. Electronics recycling laws (aka 2009 Wisconsin Act 50) not only dictate the recycling process of various electronic gadgets but prohibit the use of some – mostly older tech, which has much more hazardous waste material. 

The Wisconsin DNR program requires clients to ask about the center for recycling , their recycling mode, data destruction, and waste handling process. Recycle Technologies follows these state and local regulations to prevent our clients from getting entangled with legal complications.

Recycle Technologies Quality Control

Recycling centers with strict quality control measures are more likely to produce high-quality recycled materials. It is why we have trained staff and use modern equipment to sort and process materials at our center in Waukesha. It ensures that the recycled products are of good quality and can be used in new products, making us one step closer to zero waste. 

Aim to Conserve Resources

Recycle Technologies understands that repurposing electronics needs skillful handling, reducing the need for new raw materials. Reusing materials helps lower greenhouse gas emissions, reducing production-related CO2 emissions. 

Data Security

A key aspect of proper e-waste recycling services includes destroying hardware that may retain sensitive information. That is why we do not just claim to recycle your devices. We provide in-office shredding services, including paper waste.
Recycling Center

Future Goals for the Best Recycling Center in Waukesha

If a recycling center in Milwaukee wants to be the absolute best, they need to work on the following future goals to help them climb that ladder. These are:

Innovative Steps

Our recycling facilities are always on the lookout for fresh and inventive approaches to recycling materials, striving to maintain our industry leadership. Our commitment to exploring novel technologies and methods for recycling challenging materials sets us apart.

Community Engagement

A recycling facility actively engaging with the local community is always a plus. Awareness programs can be arranged through educational programs, outreach events, or partnerships with local businesses. By involving the community in the recycling process, we realize that Recycle Technologies can create a sense of ownership and responsibility, leading to increased participation and better recycling practices in Wisconsin.


Recycle Technologies provide clear information on what materials they accept, how they process them, and where the recycled materials go. We help build trust with the community to ensure the recycled materials get the environment-friendly recycling they require. 

Sustainability Reporting

We are always looking for ways to improve our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals and communicate the company’s progress and efforts to reach those goals accurately for the future. Our aim to streamline sustainability reporting enables any client business to identify risks and opportunities that may impact their long-term performance, enabling them to improve their brand image.


In conclusion, a suitable recycling center is convenient, has quality control measures in place, engages with the local community, is innovative, and is transparent about its processes and practices. By choosing our facility of recycling in Waukesha, you are sure to meet the recycling criteria. Our processes involve responsible recycling for a better sustainability approach.

The next time you need to recycle, look for Recycle Technologies that stands out from the rest!