We spend a lot of money on goods. The only problem that many foresee is the disposal part. Hoarding trash is a national sport that we are masters of. That is one of the reasons why we only recycle by 20 %. But let us not put all the blame on the people. We are at fault as well. Our lack of providing options to residents is one of several factors why the recycling rate is so low. The common thing that everyone does is throw in the trash. With the advancement of tech, we uncovered the dangers of throwing electronics in the trash. Hidden hazards that are harmful to us and the environment. 

Batteries in the Trash Can? 

Lithium batteries are a hazard for everyone. You might assume that throwing them in the trash and the job is over. But that is not the case. Local Trash collectors do not recycle. The best they do is dismantle and landfill them. That is why electronic waste recycling is best suited for a certified recycler. If you reside in either Wisconsin or Minnesota, then visit our recycling centers. For directions, click here. 

Now getting back to the topic at hand. 

It is Not Your Fault 

You are not at fault when you do not know what to do with the spent electronics. You do the obvious thing that is thrown in the trash. But that is now a federal offense. You have only two options:

You can either donate or recycle them. Just make sure whatever you are donating is functional. This way the electronics that brought hope can bring it to someone else. 

Electronic Waste

Recycling Electronic Waste? Is It Any Good? 

If your electronics are no good, then your only viable option is to recycle them. Recycling your electronic waste is your first step in making a difference for Mother Earth. Electronic waste is all electronics that are no longer functioning or are collecting dust in your home. This is what I meant by hoarding trash. If you feel they have some value, then discard them. Keeping them in your home increases the chances of toxic hazards they pose.  

So, disposing of them only increases our chances of not getting exposed to these hazards. Now you have a simple choice. You either recycle or you do not. There is no try.  

Facts Do Not Lie 

Recent figures suggest that 53.6 million tons of e waste were discarded in a single year. More shocking is that only 20 percent were recycled. So, that proposes that only 10.72 million tons were sent to the recycler, whereas the leftover is in your landfills. This is an excellent opportunity for us to recover precious resources from e-waste. Around 57 billion worth of resources are discarded every year. Now you might assume that we might be exaggerating a bit. And you may be right, but that is not the case. I mean right now we have the power. Or in your case, you have the power to change the course of e-waste before it overwhelms everyone. Not even the rats in NYC will help to save us. 

What Do I Get If I Recycle? 

But you are left with a dilemma: What do I get in return if I recycle electronics? Well, you do not go to jail or get to pay a hefty fine. Other than that, you get to reclaim your home space. E-waste does that. Our hoarding trash brings a new meaning to what is a junkyard. We can help create a strong circular economy for resources recovered through recycling. This can help future manufacturers to rely on reclaimed resources instead of mining virgin resources. 

From a recycler standpoint, the outcome is desirable. But we want to inform you that you have many options when it comes to disposing of your electronic waste. Throwing them in the trash is not anyone’s option. We are a certified recycler that makes sure to dispose of your liability most securely. 

Why Recycle Technologies? 

Many people have made commitments over the decades. All fell through, unlike us. From day one we pledged zero of ewaste goes into landfill, and we stood the test of time. Our commitment to ensuring your due diligence is why you prefer us for this recycling. We would rather you draw your conclusions instead of us telling you what to do. You on your own will clearly understand how e waste poses a risk and how it will become an excellent opportunity for you. 


Recycle Technologies is a certified electronic waste recycler. This means we take every piece of electronics that you want to get rid of. I will take the opportunity to thank our customers for their business. We recycle technologies more than we are obliged. For more than 30 years we have excelled. Here is to the next 30 years.