The data present on hard drives is immortal. Normal processes don’t do the job that is why we rely on special processes that help us get rid of them once and for all. That is where a hard drive degaussing comes into play. Recycle Technologies does employ various data destruction services. This is one of them. The main goal of a hard drive degausser is to disrupt the magnetic field of the hard disk drive.

Using a strong magnetic field, we can destroy the magnetic field of the hard disk drive. This is one of the standard methods of data destruction. Recycle Technologies ensures that you are safe and secure in every way possible.

What is Hard Drive Degaussing?

Hard Drive degaussing suggests demagnetizing a tape or hard drive. Degaussers that Recycle Technologies employs have a magnetic field in Gauss units or oersted. The value of Oersted informs us how strong the magnetic field is required for the device. Degaussing is the only data destruction technique that helps get rid of the software present in removable drives. Recycle Technologies ensures data from your disposed hard drive is unrecoverable. Data protection laws are in place for this specific reason. I mean look at what happened to Morgan Stanley.

Morgan Stanley Failure not to use a certified data destructor. What was the loss?

They used an uncertified person to save 100,000 USD. Guess what, their data was not erased. Don’t take the chance. Always go for a certified data destructor. Hard Drive Degaussing is the only method that meets the compliance standards of both NSA and DOD.

This process makes sure classified data is not leaked.

 What happens when you delete the file?

When you delete a file on your PC you might assume that it has gone, but that is not the case. Using specific tools your deleted file can be recovered by IT professionals and Cyber Criminals. That is why Hard Drive Degaussing helps resolve this. Recycle Technologies is a certified ITAD service company which means it employs various ways to make the data on drives go into the void once and for all. We provide Shredding, Crushing, and Overwriting services to make sure no one can recreate your work.

Hard Drive Degaussing

What is a hard drive degausser?

To ensure the hard drive degausser does the deed, a degausser helps accomplish the job. It does sound like a mouthful, but that is the truth.  We employ specialized equipment to get your hard drive transformed into a placeholder. Keep in mind that the degausser magnetic field must be 2 times more than what the current hard drive is. The fridge magnet will not erase data on your hard drive. So, don’t even think of trying that. Overwriting does get the job done, but degaussing is the perfect way to ensure data is destroyed completely.

What overwriting? Is it any good when it comes to data destruction?

Overwriting makes the data unreadable by changing the binary value from 0 to 1. It is time-consuming as it can take 8 to 12 hours depending on the size of the hard drive. Whereas Hard Drive Degausser uses a specific machine to destroy the hard disk drive.  The time to do that takes less than 30 minutes.

Is a Degaussed Hard Drive ideal for recycling?

Degaussing hard drives makes them ideal for e-waste recycling. With data gone to dust. The hard drives are ready for recycling. The hard drive does contain important materials such as aluminium, magnetic tapes, and plastic. Shredding your hard drive makes the recycling process difficult.

This way the valuable materials are lost forever. We must apply an additional process to get rid of them. It is also an essential fact that once hard drive degaussing completes the hard drive becomes obsolete. It is common sense for some. There is no way in hell that someone can realign the magnetic field except for God. 

Hard Drive Degaussing

Why go for Hard Drive Degaussing?

Hard Drive Degaussing is critical because you s company you have to comply with the law. The huge amount of data breaches has left consumers in dire straits. That is why many states have strict laws to prevent data breaches and proper data destruction of hard drives. Recycle Technologies ensures their proper e-waste disposal and strict ITAD services. 

Our Data Destruction is one of the best in the market today. Customers prefer us because we help them feel safe and secure. On-site data destruction service is more viable as our focus is on you. Also, it is a secure environment.

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Why Choose Recycle Technologies for Hard Drive Degaussing Services?

We can help you get rid of liability easily. Whereas the hard way will cause you to lose a lot of money.  Our Degaussers are the best in the field, this ensures that our service is efficient as it can be. If you are in the process of looking for a certified data and IT asset disposal then we are the right company for the job. Why?

The answer is obvious because we have been recycling since 1993. That is how old we are. We have been recycling e-waste since VHS Tapes existed.