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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

Why R2 Certification matters ?Why Choosing a Certified Recycler is Important?

August 7, 2023
R2 Certifications confirm to customers that the recycling operations are safe for the environment...

R2 Certifications confirm to customers that the recycling operations are safe for the environment.

We also make sure that the employees performing these operations are safe in every way possible.

What is R2 Certification?

Standards and R2 certification are continuous improvements. This provides the road map for sustainable management of electronics.

Implementing them might be a challenge, but it is a learning experience.

This ensures that all businesses are secure, sustainable and provides specific purposes for micromanaging any risks we might face.

Recycle Technologies continues to adopt the latest and robust legislation to make our customers' lives easier.

Our recycling facility was the first to become R2 V3 certified.

This ensures that we are a competent, qualified, and responsible e-waste recycler in the region.

Customers will be happy to know that Recycle Technologies is R2 V3 certified.

The R2:2013 standard is a leading global recycling certification for electronics reuse and recycling.

This r2  certification was created to certify recyclers and has all the guidelines set by EPA.

The main goal of this standard is to protect the people, environment, data and preserve resources.

The update of the R2:2013 standard is an amazing addition to recyclers. Some key changes include:

For many businesses data protection is the main concern.

The new version incorporates data protection guidelines and makes it clearer to understand what is required when handling devices that contain data.

The R2 v3 has strengthened data controls that ensure the quality and reuse of devices.

It also reinforces the testing and repairing of these devices.

Does the R2 Certification Strengthen Requirements?

The new update of the standard helps us strengthen the requirements. This will help reduce the risk and forbearing consequences.

It will enable us to innovate processes and methods to achieve sustainability at every level.

This ensures that the flow of material through downstream vendors is met.

By strengthening the foundation, you expect tighter controls over data protection, environmental health, and safety concerns.

What Does R2 Certification Bring to the Table?

The R2 V3 recycling certification recognizes that different facilities have different specialities.

For that reason, the standard bifurcates into two core tiers. These are Core Requirements and Process Requirements.

This brings clarity to customers about the object of an R2-certified recycling facility or center.

For small and startup facilities R2 V3 is more affordable and achievable.

The R2 certification enables us to:

  • Safe and effective recovery of electronic equipment and materials.
  • Reuse of electronic equipment and materials
  • Protects downstream chain of recycling
  • Minimized health and environmental risks
  • Compliance with domestic and international laws
  • Reduce insurance cost
  • Collaborates with OEM for recycling
  • A certified third-party review

Why Employing an R2 V3-Certified Company is Important?

Using a R2v3-certified company can be beneficial for you in numerous ways. You will get:

Compliance: R2 v3 is an internationally acclaimed r2 certification program for electronics recycling and refurbishment.

By using us, your e-waste management process will comply with all relevant environmental regulations.

This will protect your business from potential fines or legal issues that could happen for non-compliance.

Data Security: Businesses know that data security is essential.

Particularly when disposing of electronics that contain sensitive information.

We implement stringent data destruction services and procedures to erase all sensitive data on decommissioned devices.

This helps us safeguard businesses against potential data breaches.

Responsibility: e-waste contains harmful substances that pose a risk to both your health and the environment if mishandled.

We are a certified R2 v3 recycling company that adheres to a stringent set of safety standards when recycling or disposing of e-waste.

By working with us, you can be certain that your e-waste will be responsibly managed.

This reduces the risks of environmental contamination and any liabilities you may incur.

Reputation: As your focus shifts to sustainability and responsibility, partnering with us can enhance your company’s reputation.

Showing commitment may attract customers and investors. Giving you a competitive advantage in the market.

Supply chain Management: We have a strong supply chain management in place which ensures that electronics are handled properly.

Our r2 certifications enable us to be responsible for the whole recycling process and protect against counterfeit goods. 

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R2 certification expands on several key locations such as data protection, environmental responsibility, and creates new opportunities for companies.

The R2 certification enables Recycle Technologies to help prospective customers make informed decisions.

This ensures that the reuse of electronics is in an environmentally responsible manner.

With R2 V3, Recycle Technologies brings value to its customers, employees, and the public at large.

Recycle Technologies Inc is a Minnesota Based e-waste management business that specializes in ITAD, e-waste recycling, Liquidation of electronics, and data destruction.

We have recycling facilities in both Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Our goal is to provide eco-friendly solutions that lead to proper disposal of e-waste rather than ending in landfills.

To learn more about us, call one of our e-waste recycling specialists or email us at.

Partnering with an R2 V3 certified recycler gives businesses and you the confidence to know that all the different risks associated with enhancing your return are minimized.

You can expect another layer of assurance when you use Recycle Technologies for your e-waste woes.

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