Building something from the ground up takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. That is the same case for our environment. If we had stringent measures when e-waste was small, we could easily stay ahead of the curve. But that is not the case. Now, electronic waste has become a growing concern. It is by far one of the worst waste streams. Soon it will overwhelm us to a point where the air becomes hard to breathe. We have a civic duty to get a hang of things. But we lack the direction to do so. For us, we feel electronic waste disposal as the culprit. Not adhering to the writing on the wall, we are the cause of the problem in the first place.

Electronic Waste Recycling:

Electronics are the future. They have made our lives much easier. But at what cost. The amount of cobalt and lithium we have to mine is outrageous. The harm we are giving to our planet to fuel our desire has a limit. An element that is common will become rare. In time, they will extinct. The e-waste disposal is important in every form. Through we can reclaim the extract and rare metals. This will help us not to mine new resources. We can use a closed loop system to keep using the same resources. A circular economy of sorts. That is what every certified recycler purposes. Our reliance on other people will help save costs and create jobs.


But this could be a watershed moment, as we only recycle up to 15 %. The rest of ewaste disposal is either landfills or some poor country. It is sad that some poor country is now our dumping ground. We advocate green emissions, but we ourselves are not even part of the Basel convention. Charity starts at home first. It is our job to make sure ewaste disposal is done properly. Using a certified recycler for e-waste is the best you can do. That is where recycle technologies come into action. Residents of Wisconsin and Minnesota can now use our facility for e waste disposal. But the issue remains.

Electronic Waste Disposal

Electronic Waste Disposal

Just to give you a simple head up. It is against the law to throw smaller batteries into trash. The word present in the law is prohibition. So, the moment you do so, you could either be fined or worse, sent to jail. This is because you put people in harm’s way. This can be avoided if you recycle your electronics. Electronic waste disposal is the key to reduce carbon emissions and bring e-waste in control!

Your option is never limited when it comes to e-waste disposal. Your first choice is to donate or resell your spent electronics. It would be wise to only sell electronics that are in function order. No point in cheating your way to profit. I have learned that karma bites back. And in some cases, much faster. You’re various platforms such as Facebook or Craigslist to get rid of your electronics. If that is no joy. Then you have only one option to recycle your electronics.

Electronic Waste Disposal Near Me:

Research is always a great thing to do before doing your task. That is the same case when looking for a certified recycler. By putting in “electronic waste disposal near me” you can easily locate Recycle Technologies. You will also be able to find our recycling facilities. We have no limit to what amount of electronic waste you bring for disposal, but it would be nice if you call us before making the journey.


If you feel that we are farther than businesses and government agencies can use our pickup services. Residents can avail of our mail-in program for getting rid of lamps and batteries. Within the comfort of your home, you can recycle your electronic waste. To be eligible for the mail-in program, you will need to get cardboard boxes with shipping tags. You can get them from here. You also must make sure the all-electronic waste for disposal is safe to transport. So broken lamps don’t count.


The article is only to give you an insight that you might feel you might be the culprit. But that is not the case. E-waste disposal is only good if the people know their options. Now you do. Choose recycle technologies if you want recycling done right.