The microwave oven was one of the most important inventions of the mid-twentieth century. It allowed people to reheat their food without wasting resources. It is still a great invention but the amount of e-waste present in our landfills are worn out microwaves. With proper electronic waste recycling we can expect to properly dispose of microwave ovens. Sadly, that is only a figment of imagination. As we only recycle electronics far less. 

It might come as a shock to you but almost all our landfills are filled with worn-out microwave ovens. Appliances like these are e-waste that need to be taken care of, but we just throw them in the trash. To give you a clear picture, once you do that, they don’t go to recycling. Instead, they land either in a garbage dump or a landfill. They start to seep harmful chemicals into the soil. 20 years ago, e-waste recycling was fun. We used to throw them in the trash and ship them to China. Not anymore. We are now responsible for our ewaste. 

 If we don’t do our part, we can expect mother nature to not reply in our favor. It takes a long time to build something. But in mere seconds it can be destroyed. Such is the case with Electronic waste. Now the proper disposing of microwave ovens is one of the key reasons in the rise of e-waste. 

According to Statista, 

  • Revenue in the Microwave Ovens segment jumps to US$9.22bn in 2023. The market is predicted to grow annually by 3.91% (CAGR 2023-2028). 
  • In the Microwave Ovens segment, volume is expected to increase to 84.2m pieces by 2028. The Microwave Ovens segment is predicted to show a volume growth of 1.4% in 2024. 
  • In relation to the total amount of households, per household revenues of US$4.18 are generated in 2023.
  • The average volume per household in the Microwave Ovens segment is expected to amount to 0.04pieces in 2023. 

Can You Throw Microwaves Into The Trash? 

Electronic waste recycling purely depends on which state you live in. Residents of Wisconsin and Minnesota cannot dispose of their microwaves into the trash. It is not only against the law but a punishable offense. You can be charged and even in harsher circumstances sent to jail. So, your first thing is to check your state law that if they dispose of microwave ovens in trash. Keep in mind any e waste you throw in trash goes to a dump. It does not recycle. Recycle Technologies does that. To make your life easier it would be best if you brought your worn-out microwave oven to our recycling facility. Recycle Technologies is a certified recycler that processes appliances as well. This means you must bring your e-waste to our facility if you want to dispose of it properly. 

In hindsight, no you may not throw your e-waste such as microwaves ovens in the trash. It is hazardous and dangerous for municipal workers. By letting professionals like us do the deed you can expect the proper disposal of e waste.

Electronic Waste  

Why Do You Need To Recycle Microwave Ovens? 

Microwave radiation can heat bodily tissue the same way it heats food. Microwaves at elevated levels can produce a painful burn. Overuse of microwave ovens or radioactive ray leakage might be dangerous to customers. Because this electronic waste holds dangerous compounds, it must be brought to an e-waste recycling center for proper disposal. However, only 20% of this waste is adequately documented, collected, and recycled, according to Statista.  

Improper microwave disposal will affect agricultural growth on local farms. Groundwater can potentially transport radioactive poisons to ponds, rivers, streams, and lakes. If such locations are reached, the water will be dangerous for animals, plants, and entire communities that rely on them for drinking water. Mercury, lead, zinc, nickel, flame retardants, lithium, and other dangerous pollutants are also found in electronic garbage. 

How Can You Recycle Your Electronic Waste From Microwave Ovens? 

Certified electronic recyclers, such as Recycle Tecnologies, follow strict environmental regulations governing discarded electronics disposal. So, by entrusting your old microwave to professionals, you drop the risk of it leaking radiation or chemicals. This makes disposal more environmentally friendly for everyone.  

In return for your e-waste recycling, you are not only getting a certificate of responsible recycler but also doing your part in making the world a safer place. To get started, click on this link, and get a quote.