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What to do with an old microwave?

February 2, 2023
Disposing of a microwave is a challenge for many. It is one of those appliances that can’t be thrown in the...
What to do with an old microwave?

Disposing of microwave is a challenge for many. It is one of those appliances that can’t be thrown in the trash. You will need to properly dispose of the appliance. Throwing the microwave into the trash may result in fines. It is a punishable offense to throw electronic waste into the trash. You can get state and federal fines if you continue to do so. A little effort comes into play when properly disposing of an old microwave. The information below will provide ideas on what to do with an old microwave. These options will help you to dispose of your electronic device with ease. 

Can I throw the old microwave in the trash? 

Throwing an old microwave in your trash will result in fines for you. Different states have different laws to properly dispose of electronic devices. However, a microwave falls under the category of home appliances. By far many consider microwaves as e-waste. This means that they require special rules to dispose of them responsibly. That means you do not have the permission to throw electronic waste into the trash. Your best bet is to check if the microwave is in working condition or not. If that is the case the best solution is getting rid of the old microwave by selling it. If it turns out that your old microwave is gone for good your only proper way out would be to rely on a recycler. 

Can I send the home appliance to the manufacturer? 

You have other options available if you want to dispose of home appliances. Your next step to recycling is sending your home appliance to the manufacturer. Almost all manufacturers have an electronic call-back service that helps with broken-down home appliances. If that is still not possible then recycling is the best way to get rid of this headache. Recycle Technologies will provide a certificate after recycling is done. This will guarantee that your home appliance has been taken care of. 

Is fixing an old microwave a good choice? 

No, fixing the microwave is not suggestible as the parts are hard to find. Your best bet is to dispose of your broken microwave and invest in a new microwave. Only repair things that can give you some value even after becoming obsolete. Moreover, there are many toxic materials in the microwave that can prove to be a nuisance or even dangerous. In order to abstain from any lethal injuries or diseases it is better to let the professionals do the job. 

It is not safe in any way if you try to take apart the microwave. The components present in the microwave use a lot of electricity to function. A high-volt capacitor holds the electricity. If not discharged properly by a recycler this can have dire consequences if you try to dismantle it. That is why our recyclers can dispose of electronic devices. Tampering with the magnetron may lead to hazardous results. For your safety, contact our customer support, so they can easily guide you on what to do with an old microwave. 

What is the importance of Recycling E-Waste today? 

Recycling e-waste is critical in today's environment since electronic equipment contains hazardous compounds such as lead and mercury. Proper recycling prevents harmful pollutants from entering the environment, protecting our air and water. Recycling also saves important resources by recovering useable elements from outdated devices, reducing the demand for raw materials and energy in new items. It also reduces the rising problem of electronic trash overloading landfills, hence lowering environmental contamination. Recycling e-waste helps to create a healthier world, conserves resources, and supports a circular economy in which items are reused, encouraging sustainability for present and future generations.  

Why is recycling the only viable option you have? 

Recycling is the only workable way to dispose of home appliances such as microwaves. Recycle technologies starts with inspecting the items. If they cannot be resurrected, then they are sent to the recycler. Here our professionals will dismantle the device and handle all components with care. Our guidelines and the policies by EPA ensure we provide top-notch recycling services. At the same time, we ensure that all our employees and our staff are properly safe and secure. 

Why choose Recycle Technologies to dispose of your old Microwave? 

Recycle Technologies is the ideal recycling solution provider. For more than 30 years, Recycle Technologies has been recycling home appliances, e-waste, lamps and other types of materials. It not only has the tools to properly dispose of home appliances but also the expertise to ensure efficiency. For a broader reach, Recycle Technologies facilities are present in most of Midwest. They have two states of the art facilities in New Berlin, Waukesha, and Blaine Minnesota where they cater to more through their 100-mile coverage area. This ensures that the residents of counties can use them for recycling needs. If you can, visit the facility to properly dispose of your electronic waste 

How can Recycle Technologies help me with my electronic waste? 

For our out-of-state residents, our mail-in program can help them perform their recycling duties without having to go to the centers. Just simply visit the website and buy your recycling kit for the desired item. For companies and businesses, we have our pick-up service where you don't need to step out from your workplace to get your recycling done. 

If you have any concerns about the safety, rest assured that all your electronic junk will be secured using load bars and straps. You can even call our customer support team to learn what to do with an old microwave. If you need help finding us, you can visit or contact us at +1-262-798-3040 or +1-763-559-5130. 

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