Recycling your dead graphic card is the only way to stop those nightmares about it dying. Learn how Recycle Technologies help you overcome your fears but recycling electronic waste properly.

Change and Innovation are what is making our lives easier. But at what cost? First it was VHS tapes. The Compact Disc revolution killed them. The Dawn of portable storage drives made Compact Discs Obsolete. The amount of electronic waste that is still present in landfills is staggering.

The reason we have so much electronic waste is that we never created a policy to properly dispose of it. It might come as a shock to you that we only create policies after the incident, not before. This is one of several reasons we recycle less. Thank you, capitalism 101. That is the same case for dead graphic cards. Before recycling your dead graphics card, you do have many options like resurrecting it from the dead. 

Any Options For Dead Graphic Cards? 

It does not require any blood rituals: just handing it to a tech professional can tell you if that is possible. The first thing to check is if your graphic card is truly dead. You need to diagnose the issue. Here is all the issue you will face: 

  • No display 
  • No pulse 
  • Burning Smell 

If any of the above exist, then raising your graphic card is not possible. You either use it as a paper weight or recycle it. But for some reason if your dead graphic is showing some signs of function. In that case get to a certified Refurbisher. These people can refurbish your card if they have the part. Obscure graphic cards are hard to repair as manufacturers have stopped making replacements. 

Why is Your Graphic Card Gone For Good? 

The truth is your dead graphic card is beyond repair or rebirth. It is time to let it go. Recycling is the only way to make sure your dead graphic card gets the burial it deserves. Please do not throw it in local trash. One, it is a flammable object this means it can become a hazard to workers handling local trash. Secondly, it is against the law to throw hazardous objects in trash. Electronic waste recycling and ITAD servicing are the only way to ensure that we can claim back resources from these waste streams. 

Recycling Dead Graphic Cards or GPUs 

The first most important thing for you to do is to locate a certified e-waste recycler. If you are in Wisconsin or Minnesota region, then you can easily find us. Just Search for Recycle Technologies. In mere seconds we will pop out. It would be wise to check your local state and federal regulation regarding throwing dead graphic cards in trash. I think I do not want to go to jail. As it is a punishable offense in my state. Unlike a video game this will hit hard. It will put a dent on your record faster than you are trying to find the secret cow level in diablo 2. 

Your next step is to prepare your dead graphic card for its final journey. Most people do not know this, but graphic cards do not store any personal information. They are expansion cards. Their main goal is computing instructions to create 2d and 3d outputs. So, anyone that tries to say otherwise is certified NUTS.  

Why Choose Recycle Technologies for Graphic Card Recycling? 

Recycle Technologies does have a drop-off facility and customers can use our mail to service if they cannot come to our facility. We also provide documentation for all your electronic waste recycling. Customers who use our ITAD service do get the option to request a livestream of IT assets being destroyed. So, you can watch your dead graphic cards getting smashed and pummeled. 

Reducing carbon emissions 

Recycling your dead graphic card is the essential step to reduce what impact electronic waste makes. Graphic cards are part of both residential and corporate services. So, companies, government agencies and organizations to dispose of their liability can use our ITAD services to do so. We will gladly dispose of your liability by following all the rules and regulations set by our ITAD framework. It becomes frustrating what to do with a dead graphic card. But it does not mean it is the end of the graphic card. Unless your main goal was crypto, in that case it will not be back. 

Personal thoughts 

I think Crysis fried two of my Nvidia 9600 GT. Now I use it as paper weight to remind me how simple times were. To make sure your GPU stands the test of time, it is wise to know the limitations and what it can accomplish. A 128-bit 1030 can only be good for Roblox. Expecting it to do wonders in Dota 2 is like asking Gabe Newell to release Half Life 3. 


The main purpose of this article was advocacy. We believe it is an honor and a privilege to educate our readers that recycling is the only way forward. As we rely on lithium and cobalt products, one day they will overwhelm us. Our current policies for electronic waste are not strong to reduce. 

But we need to create ones that do. Our own inaction will be doomed for us. To avoid that from happening Recycle Technologies has pledged to make sure electronic waste disposal happens on site and never goes to landfills.