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Recycle Technologies has been delivering recycling services to the community since 1993. As a recycling and shredding company based in the Midwest, we operate licensed facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin. Notably, Recycle Technologies stands as the sole Minority-Owned document destruction and recycling enterprise in the Midwest region.

What Happens To keyboards During Electronic Scrap Recycling?

November 7, 2023
There are several advantages to recycling keyboards. One of the most important benefits is that it reduces...
There are several advantages to recycling keyboards. One of the most important benefits is that it reduces...
Electronic Scrap

There are several advantages to recycling keyboards. One of the most important benefits is that it reduces the quantity of electronic scrap transported to landfills and incinerators. We can prevent harmful compounds like lead, cadmium, mercury, and nickel from coming out of the earth by recycling keyboards. With Electronic scrap recycling you can expect do more.  

Are Any Materials Reclaimed? 

Most of the materials found in keyboards are reusable with the rest e scrap properly decomposed. Rubber and circuit boards may be recycled and repurposed by sending them to our recycling centers. Other materials, such as rubber keys, mouse balls, and clips, can be disassembled and reused as replacement components in other products.  

The exterior half of the keyboard is made of the plastic that we push; however, the inside section of the keyboard is composed of plastic and rubber, which makes it stretchy when we press it, and the key returns to its original place when we release it. A steel or aluminum circuit is beneath the keyboard's interior section. The important thing to know is that Recycle Technologies does not recycle plastic.  

What is the importance of Keyboards? 

A computer keyboard is an input device that allows you to enter text and functions into your computer system by pushing buttons or keys. It is the principal text entry device. A keyboard generally has keys for individual letters, numbers, special characters, and functions. This gadget communicates with your computer and sends orders to it to do actions on your behalf. Without a computer, your workload is quadrupled, and some jobs are hard to do. 

The new Windows system offers on-screen keyboards as substitutes when your original keyboard isn't working. However, it multiplies the time it would've taken to write with the physical one. In fact, you can even perform all the operations of the mouse through the keyboard. 

Types of Keyboards that we use for Electronic Scrap Recycling 

There are several different versions of the keyboard which people can use for their computer. Each of these keyboards have a purpose of their own and supply a unique benefit. However, the materials used in these keyboards are mostly the same with only a few changes in some cases. 

Wired Keyboard 

If you wish to find a keyboard type that meets your demands, wired keyboards supply an economical and simple change. USB keyboards easily attach to an existing USB port. These add-on devices are also faster than their wireless versions. The wires often get tangled and prove to be a nuisance for which electronic scrap recycling is preferred. 

Numeric Keypad 

Not all computers have a number pad on the keyboard. The numeric keyboard is a simple solution. This handy device bridges the gap between a built-in basic keyboard and what you truly need to get your work done.

Ergonomic Keyboard 

Ergonomic keyboards are any keyboard that is designed to alleviate bodily strain while typing. These keyboards are often designed so that you can put your hands in a more cozy, natural posture while typing. Electronic scrap recycling ensures that the components of the keyboard are not left in garbage lands to rest. 

Wireless Keyboards 

Wireless RF keyboards supply some independence in your computer operations by relying on an RF antenna or infrared for keeping you linked. Wireless keyboards allow you to roam about while working on a computer without being constrained by unnecessary cables. They also supply the mobility of a wireless connection. 

USB Keyboard 

Wireless keyboards communicate with your PC (Personal Computer) via a little device known as a dongle, which you insert into one of your laptop's USB ports. To allow wireless typing, the dongle sends a signal between the computer and the keyboard. 

Bluetooth Keyboard 

Bluetooth keyboards are slightly more expensive than other wireless keyboard variants, but they supply several functions and benefits. They supply a wide variety of functionality and versatility. These keyboards will also not occupy a USB port on your computer, allowing you to connect to other devices. 

Backlit Keyboard 

Backlit keyboards, both wired and wireless, add brilliance to your gaming and computer work. They might be a workable solution for people who have trouble seeing all the keys on the keyboard. 

Gaming Keyboard 

These keyboards are intended for PC gamers that want increased durability and the quickest key reaction speeds for split-second action. Gaming keyboards often have upgraded characteristics from other key types, such as illuminated keys and ergonomic layouts. 

Flexible Keyboard 

These keyboards have the same functions as normal QWERTY keyboards, but they are more portable. Flexible keyboards are often composed of silicon and can be rolled up and carried anywhere. 

Membrane Keyboard 

Membrane keyboards have no separation among the individual keys. The buttons are pressure-sensitive, with the various characters highlighted on a flat surface. They're also quieter than mechanical keyboards, making them an excellent alternative for users. 

Mechanical Keyboard 

Mechanical keyboards include distinct keys that are activated by independent springs and switches. They are significantly heavier and employ materials that are more durable and flexible. 

What does Recycle Technologies do for you? 

Recycle technology offers electronic scrap recycling for users who own any kind of keyboard mentioned in the list above. We prevent overflooding of the landfills and reuse materials from old keyboards which then save the cost and energy of producing new materials. 

Other than keyboards, we also offer lamp recycling, electronic scrap recycling, battery recycling, TV recycling, ballast recycling, and ITAD services. Moreover, you can use our mail-in recycling service and recycling kits. This can help you recycle assorted items from the comfort of your home. Click here to learn more. 

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