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What Dangers of E-waste lurk when you don`t recycle

August 3, 2023
Human nature does play an important part in our lives. It is in our nature to trash every item that is...

Human nature does play an important part in our lives. It is in our nature to trash every item that is useless now. With the advancement in tech, things are not what they appear. There was a time when throwing batteries was of no consequence now they have become a fire hazard. As things get better, they become a danger to us. VHS tapes and CRT TV sets have become obsolete. NEW LED TVs are the future. Recycling either of these is a hassle. Both e-waste products contain elements that are a health hazard to us.

How E-waste can be mitigated?

Regulations and policies help us control what we do with e-waste.  Donating items that don't work is more prone to hazards than those that work. We might claim monetary value but at what cost? Our best option is not to donate them. We recycle. If you want to return the favour, do it the right way. There is only one planet earth. The greener it is, the better it is for us and our future generations. E-waste is a growing concern as it amounts to more than seventy percent of all waste.  Our reliance on electronic devices may be productive. But not properly disposing of them will haunt us for several decades.

E-waste and our Soil 

E-waste is a greater risk to our soil than any other waste stream. Now I might be blowing this out of proportion, but it is the truth. Toxic chemicals are present in e-waste. When electronic waste enters landfills it is prone to contaminate soil in more ways than you can imagine. The soil is an important means of nutrients. With the symbiotic relationship with the atmosphere, they help fix nitrogen and make food grow.

Toxic chemicals present in the soil will adversely affect the ecosystem. We don't want that. Soil health will degrade at a faster pace if lead, mercury, selenium, and copper are present in the soil.

A bleak future for us awaits

Keep in mind e waste doesn’t stick to one position just like the sun. This is one of the key reasons why our planet is not flat. It revolves around the sun.Just like the totem in Inception. Metallic parts will start to degrade and contaminate the soil. And if any water sources are present. Oh boy. The three-eyed fish from the Simpsons will become a reality. Lakes and ponds are smaller water bodies. They link into rivers and seas.

You may perceive this as a start, but this isn’t possible. But common anything is possible. We should be careful of what we have. E waste can cause death to marine life and water becomes acidic.

E-waste Contamination

E-waste is also the cause of lead and mercury poisoning. These two are the worst dangers you can face. And the most common places are not your home but your state’s landfills. Our e waste mismanagement will lead us to our graves. The amount of e-waste present in landfills is staggering.  We may paint a picture to the global spectrum that recycling is the future but when it comes to our commitment, we are more shallow than you can imagine.

I still don't get why people don't recycle e waste. It is like you want us to feel the burn of climate change. Yes, e-waste does affect the climate. Proper recycling can help create greener fields and reduce carbon emissions. Mismanagement of e-waste can have a mirror effect. Acid rain will become common. Acid melts flesh.

E Waste

E-waste and Your Health

The main danger of e-waste is that it can seriously jeopardize human health. Intoxication of the human body is a serious case. You can be carrying a terminal disease all thanks to e waste mismanagement. Our not doing the deed makes things look bleak. I have no point in scaring you when you read this. Carl Sagan already did this in the 80's. 

Exposure to e-waste can cause deafness in newborn children. People who are impacted by E waste will show signs of thyroid diseases, respiratory and DNA disruption. Don’t worry you won’t mutate, but your children will be another story.

E-waste and Data Destruction

Dismantling and properly disposing of your electronic devices is a better practice than throwing them in the trash. It is not as safe as you might presume. To secure your liability don't use money as an easy way out. Morgan Stanley did that and look what happened. They are still reeling from the repercussions of their stupidity.

Make sure all e waste you dispose of has its data removed. You can use degaussing method. It can bleach hard drives to the point they become unreadable. Recycle Technologies offers businesses this option to do so. It puts you at ease, and you have nothing to worry about. Properly disposing of sensitive data is not an issue. That data getting hands-on prying eyes is.

Why E-waste will be a bane for us?

This would not come as a surprise that e-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream. The amount of e waste in our homes and landfills is so much that you can fill the Grand Canyon with it. Just for your information recycling around 1 million laptops will save up electricity for more than 3600 homes in a year.Proper recycling of e waste will reward us. We can reclaim 16,000 kg of copper from 1 million cell phones alone. We have more electronic devices than there are people on our planet.

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Recycle Technologies is a certified e-waste recycler. We have recycling facilities in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. We can help you dispose of unwanted e-waste. Why choose us? Because we know what loss does to you. An e-waste contamination is a misery in the making.

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