The festive season is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is fast approaching. And just like every year we are thankful for many things. But there are some things we are not so that keen of been thankful. Such as the rise of electronic waste in our landfills. We are not thankful for not properly disposing of electronics. And the sad part is that we are to blame. We either need to change our habits or suffer the consequences of it. In time, we will perish in the dust, but our children will have to live it. That was the same idea of fossil fuels. At the start, they were our saviors, now they are plaguing us. Unless we create a proper way to manage our e-waste. We are doomed to fail from the start.

Electronic waste: A hazard hiding in plain sight

The newer electronics that you buy might be safer. As the manufacturer might claim. But that is not the case. Of course, older electronics were never this hazardous but in time research showed us they were. Mercury devices such as lamps helped light our path. Now they have a serious health risk. The contamination of mercury is as dangerous as swallowing a cyanide pill. The same story is for PCB ballasts. Since 1979 we have stopped manufacturing them. You might assume that we could have done with them. But that is not possible.

Recycling For Greener Future

Because recycling them takes time. Not that it is a slow process. We are just cagey about it. You know who else thinks recycling does wonders. The rest of the world. Take China as an example. How can they create many lithium batteries? Because they recycle all their old electronics. They use the claimable resource and repurpose them. This helps in creating newer batteries which are far better than the previous ones.

This is how they are making a difference, as properly recycling electronic waste does a lot. We only do what is right. Of course, that might suggest changing our ways.

The Initiative To Do Better

But look at the outcome. We will make the future for our children. By recycling we will stop relying on virgin resources. Stop minding our futures. Instead, prolonging them. We need to do this. Because we can. By recycling or electronic waste this festive season. We can lead the charge to change. By disposing of our old spent batteries and lamps. We can lessen our carbon footprint. We can do a lot more with less. But only if we stop letting others tell us what to do. And just do it.

Electronic Waste More Harmful Than Plastic

The most hazardous waste stream that has us worried about is the electronic waste one. It has a combination of toxins that when they encounter soil, they can do more damage than Hiroshima. Lead poisoning is a splendid example of that. Lead products were thrown in landfills that led to the contamination of the soil. In time water sources started to show signs of contamination. And soon you had an incident in Flint. Which many tried to cover up. But at what cost? You only get one life. If you do not do what right it is game over. No continues.

Accepting The Harsh Truth

The same is true of what lithium-ion will do to us. We want to beat China. But how can we do when their recycling initiatives are off the scale? And we do not even scratch the surface. To beat someone, we need to do more than what someone might ask from us. E-waste is a we problem, not a I problem. Unless we take the charge in recycling, we can always be the second place.

Hard Work Pays Off

Do not worry, our involvement will not do wonders overnight. But gradual change helps. Slowly reaching the target is better than dumping it all at once. By advocating for properly recycling ewaste, we can teach our young audience to share. Isn’t that what Thanksgiving being all about? Sharing is caring. Our planet is the for everyone to share and care for.


Recycle Technologies is a Midwest certified recycler providing residential and commercial recycling solutions. Business and government agencies can use us to dispose of their IT e-waste. Whereas residential customers can use us to dispose of spent electronics. Like you, we have also made a simple pledge. Not to throw trash in landfills. And guess what, we have been sticking with it for the past 30 years. If we can live by a vow, why can’t you? All it takes is willpower. Something that we have in abundance. Let us stand together in this fight to recycle e-waste.