In time everything becomes obsolete. That is the case for the CRT monitors. Back in the day, they were the future but not with the innovation they are either sitting in garbage dumps or landfills. Mercury was the reason these monitors were so easy to manufacture. Electronics making companies cared less about safety and more about sales. That all changed when mercury poisoning came into play. It was evident that the time has come to not only make electronics safe to use but also safe to dispose of. Getting rid of mercury containing devices is not as easy as it sounds.

Mercury recycling 101

Throwing them in the trash may seem the right thing to do but if you may spend your days in a 4×4 cell. Mercury is as hazardous as it gets. So proper disposal is the only way to be safe. Recycle Technologies has recycling facilities in both Wisconsin and Minnesota that can fully extract mercury from devices. Sorry Mercury-containing devices are not part of the mail-in program. However, Mercury containing light bulbs are. To learn more about what items we accept in our mail-in program click here.

What devices have mercury in them, and how does mercury recycling dispose of them?

Luckily with the rise in innovation, mercury-containing devices have been phased out. However, some of them remain. They still pose a risk and the more you wait, the more hazardous it gets. Here are all the common things in which mercury is found. These are:

  •       Thermostats
  •       Fluorescent bulbs
  •       Thermometers
  •       Pesticides
  •       Cosmetics
  •       Whiteners
  •       Button Batteries
  •       Any battery that predates 1990

These devices must be properly disposed of using mercury recycling processes. Throwing them in the trash or them landing in landfills will not only have dire consequences on human life but the environment as well. These are classified as hazardous waste. The rise of the recycling industry helps keep mercury containing devices from entering landfills at bay.

 But the sad part is that we only recycle 10 % of the items we consume.  Recycle Technologies has been advocating and educating the public about what dangers mercury containing devices pose. Our recycling Facility is always on hand to provide you with a safe way to properly dispose of your mercury containing devices.


What benefits do you get when using Recycle Technologies Mercury Recycling?

 By properly disposing of mercury containing devices using recycling. You can expect these benefits:

1.      Keeping Hazardous materials away from landfills and the environment

Mercury can have a huge impact on the environment or landfill it resides in. When mercury-containing devices are thrown in the trash instead of recycling, they end up in landfills. In time, they will leak into waterways. Mercury can be absorbed and contaminate the whole water supply. The Minamata disaster of 1950 is evidence of that. Strict regulations and laws are in place to prevent consumers from throwing mercury containing devices into trash. People still need to be extra cautious when handling mercury containing devices.

2.      Reduce Business Costs

Running a recycling program is not an easy thing to do. As usual, landfill costs are rising and local governments are overwhelmed with the impact general waste has generated. Recyclers often charge less to businesses, companies, or government agencies to take a truckload of waste as they can make more by recycling them. Businesses need to keep an eye out on regulations, or you can subscribe to our mailing list where you can get up-to-date information on what is happening in the recycling industry.

3.      Mercury Recycling

Recycling mercury from old products helps us by relying less on mining new raw materials. Recycle Technologies has a closed-loop approach when it comes to mercury recycling. This way we rely less on virgin resources and reuse the same resource repeatedly. Keep in mind that the value of resources increases after each initial recycling phase.

4.      Pledge to keep Mercury away from Landfills

Recycle Technologies firmly pledge that it will keep mercury and mercury containing devices from landfills. Our recycling facilities are more than able to handle large amounts of electronic waste. Companies looking to dispose of their huge electronic waste responsibly can contact us. For large amounts of e-waste, we dispatch our delivery trucks. They not only have the space but all e-waste is safely secured for safe transport and proper disposal to our recycling facility.

Mercury Recycling

5.      Recycling is simpler

Recycling mercury containing devices has never been simpler. It all starts with a call. Recycle Technologies offers a variety of recycling solutions for businesses and government agencies who want to get rid of their obsolete hardware responsibly. We are fully certified by both EPA and ALMR.  Our R2 V3 allows us to make our recycling process accountable and to ensure a safe work environment.

We can provide commercial-grade recycling solutions to all kinds of companies. For more information on how Recycle Technologies can help you properly dispose of mercury containing devices, give us a call at 262-798-3040 for Wisconsin and 763-559-5130 for Minnesota.



Mercury recycling of mercury containing devices is evident. It is the only way we can lessen the risk of the toxicant contaminating our water supply or endangering our lives. With your help, Recycle Technologies can not only dispose of mercury containing devices responsibly but also reduce the exposure risk.  Our carelessness will be the doom of us if we do not heed the call.  Recycle today and make the earth green tomorrow.