Things go from bad to worse in mere seconds. That has been the case for the past 20 years in the recycling industry. Many people are sceptical about whether recycling does the job or not.

They perceive that by throwing e-waste in the trash it will be recycled, but that is not the case. Most probably the e-waste will arrive in a landfill.  

We are not that lucky to avail such a privilege that someone else will do the recycling for us. If we want to make a difference, we need to do it ourselves.

Gone are the days when the value was open when it was the right thing to do. We need to take the lead, if we want to make sure our children have a future.

E-waste Recycling regulations are only present in 20 states out of 50.  

The other states don’t even have proper laws or policies. Sure, we tell the world that you are not doing your part in protecting the environment. But what about us?  The Basel Convention was signed in 1989 by the USA and implemented in 2019. It simply stipulates that waste should not be exported to underdeveloped countries.  The USA still exports waste to other poorer countries.

This article is to debunk any misconceptions you might have about recycling. These myths are problematic in our industry. It is time you find out the truth.

Recycling is a Scam

This myth undermines what consumers think and feel about recycling. Media outlets are more focused on the negatives of recycling than the positives. The role the media plays is more harmful than good. Thia industry is a 6-billion-dollar revenue stream. 

We recycle tons and tons of waste every day. That is not the case. Come out of the lies that the media spews. Recycle your waste responsibly. Choose a certified recycler to dispose of your e-waste in a way that makes you proud. Choose Recycle Technologies.


Recycling is Complicated

The amount of information we have about recycling is astounding. You need to accept that curbside recycling only accepts common waste streams.

 Such as plastic bottles, aluminium cans, glass jars, bottles, paper, and cardboard boxes. So, throwing an illegal substance into curbside can land you in hot water.

 It is wise to check your local rules. These laws and regulations vary from place to place. So, check your local recycling regulations before throwing e-waste into the trash. It could lead to fines or jail time.


Using Curbside Recycling Bin

The main goal behind curbside binning is that its purpose is to handle specific types of waste. Putting items that don’t belong in the recycling bin will cause contamination.

 This makes it harder for recycle companies to extract recyclable material. These safety risks are haphazard and cause recycle facilities to shut down. 

The better option is to put an item by dropping it off at our facility than to contaminate your recycling bin. This isn’t the only option. 

Recycle Technologies has programs such as a mail-in program that targets light bulbs and batteries. Our Drop-off facility is to dispose of e-waste. We encourage you to help us reduce the overall impact by recycling responsibly.


The Recycling Symbol present on items means it’s recyclable.

Almost everyone perceives that any item that has a recycling symbol is recyclable. Sadly, this isn’t the case. 

The universal recycling symbol is quite different from the plastic symbol which has the number in the middle. Don’t be confused. That is their only way to identify which kind of plastic is present in the item.


Materials can only be recycled once

A common misconception that everyday items can only be recycled once. But that is not the case, many materials can be recycled multiple times.

 It purely depends on the material. Metals can recycle at a faster rate and never lose their quality. Plastic on the other hand has a shorter lifespan and can be recycled around 10 times.


It takes more energy to recycle than to make something new

Another misconception is that when you recycle it requires more energy. The truth is yes it requires energy to function whereas to build something new you need to automate the process.

Meaning a new product is not specifically for one person whereas recycling is. Reclaiming resources through recycling is a far better outcome than mining virgin resources.


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These are some of the issues that I must deal with every day.  People just don’t get that it is us that need to change. We need to recycle, no one will. The government is already having policies and regulations, but it can only do what its purview respects. 

If recycling was so bad, why didn’t the government ban it? The truth is nothing is bad. Excess of everything is bad. By doing the deed regularly, we can lessen the harm we do by mining virgin resources. 

With Recycle Technologies help you can move towards a change that you can accept. We are like Tom Brady; we will never let you be done even if the odds are not in our favor.

Recycle Technologies Inc

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