Managing your waste is the right thing to do. Not doing so may either land you in trouble or your health will suffer. It is wise to know which things go in the trash and which don’t. Many states have forbidden their residents from throwing e-waste into the trash. Many of the products such as batteries and electronics are not only a fire hazard but toxic as well. Batteries have a high chance of releasing toxic chemicals into the air. Recycling is the only way to do that.

Why is Mercury Recycling essential?

Mercury is one of them. Mercury poisoning is a real thing. When it meets a water supply it can contaminate in ways you can’t imagine. Yes, these things were an asset to us, but once their purpose is fulfilled, they become a liability for us. So, throwing them in the trash may seem a good idea, but that is not the case. All electronics that are no longer in use must be recycled. This will help you to be safe in every way possible.

Why does sorting help?

Sorting is a significant part of recycling. It is wise to sort your e-waste rather than get rid of them. If you plan to recycle then this is a mandatory thing to do. It will help a recycler dispose of the e-waste at a faster pace. It will also protect our team from unforeseen exposure. This is one of the main issues as a recycler we face.  E-waste not properly entering proper channels can lead to incidents that may become a hazard. To avoid this, we ask our customers to either label their e-waste or inform us. By default, we take the necessary safety precautions.

 Before you head to the dumpster, it is important to learn what you can throw in the trash and what not to throw. Some items that are mentioned here require different disposal. Throwing them in the trash may lead to dire consequences. The precautionary measure you take today will protect you, your home, and the environment tomorrow.


Items to avoid throwing in the garbage:


With the use of LEDs and CFL reaching new heights, their disposal is still a significant concern. Throwing them in the trash is hazardous in the sense that they contain traces of mercury. So, it is not a good thing to bin them. The best way to dispose of them properly is to recycle them—and not any recycler. A certified ALMR recycler such as Recycle Technologies can help you recycle mercury-containing devices. Using professionals to dispose of your waste is the second most sensible thing you have done. The first is choosing Recycle Technologies as your recycler for Mercury Recycling.


Mercury was once common in everything, now after years of use we realize how dangerous it is. Today major states have banned the sale of mercury containing items. They have tasked certified recyclers with the proper disposal of these items. A standard mercury thermometer houses more than 500 mg of mercury. It might be in the glass tube, but it can be dangerous when it meets human skin. The best thing to do is to take your thermometer to a certified ALMR recycler like Recycle Technologies. We will gladly take these harmful devices out of your hands and even give you a certificate for proper disposal in the process.


Avoid throwing batteries in your household garbage. Batteries come in various sizes and shapes. Knowing battery chemistry is important as it can help you in the disposal process. Batteries that have alkaline must be disposed of by recycling. They contain harmful substances such as lithium, zinc, and carbon. A certified recycler can process large amounts of these batteries. 

Recycle Technologies is a battery recycling company. To dispose of Watch and Automotive batteries your only solution is recycling. You can try to return to the stores you bought them.  The choice is yours. Keep in mind that there is no warranty if the store disposes of spent batteries properly. They likely throw them in the trash unbeknownst to anyone. and as always they land in landfills. Thus becoming a catastrophe.

Carbon Monoxide and Fire Detectors:

These are life-saving devices that should be present in every structure. But when they have exceeded their usefulness, recycling them rather than throwing them in the trash is wise.  First, remove the batteries that bring power to these devices. Many companies either refurbish them or recycle them. The internal components of these devices are toxic. Recycle Technologies does recycle them.


Oil-based paints contain harmful chemicals. If you have unopened paint containers the best thing to do is to donate them. Otherwise, all Oil Based Paint should be taken to a recycling facility. Recycle Technologies does not accept oil-based paints.  You can contact our team, and they can give you a better solution on how to properly dispose of Oil based paints.


The oil comes in a variety of types. All of them pose a serious risk to the environment. Motor Oils and other flammable liquids pose a great risk as they can seep into groundwater. They can contaminate waste. The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill is the greatest example. The damage to fauna is still visible to this day. Take any leftover oils to the nearest recycler. Please do not pour oil down the sink drain. This can damage your pipes.


More than 11 million textile waste wind up in our landfills each year.  Donating them is a viable option and if not, recycling is your best recourse.


Recycle Technologies is a certified recycler whose primary focus is to keep the environment clean and green. That is why it recycles electronics in huge amounts. Our recycling facilities in Minnesota and Wisconsin are the perfect place to dispose of your electronics. If your electronics are beyond the point of donation then contact us, and we will gladly take them off your hands. Keep in mind electronics are not biodegradable. Their landing in landfills speaks of catastrophic failure.


We hope the above information has given you clarity as to what items go in the trash and what goes to the recycler.  Since 1993 we have been advocating for a greener lifestyle. There will come a time when we will be overwhelmed with e-waste. To avoid that from ever happening, recycle your waste. This removes the toxic elements and makes your life easier. Contact us today and let us make you safe.