They say new is always better than what better way to decorate our houses this winter than to go for new things. Although, buying new things would mean you would need to get rid of the old ones and that can be troubling this Christmas weekend. But this will not be a problem anymore with Recycle Technologies’ Recycling Kits.  

Recycling Kits for Various Waste Types 

At Recycle Technologies, we aim to supply recycling kits for every single type of material so that you don’t get left out. While these kits may differ in their components and containers, they all have one thing in common which is safe and secure packaging. Each kit includes a plastic pail, heavy-duty recyclable cardboard box, strong plastic liner, zip tie and pre-paid return shipping label. With these things complete all you need to do is fill it with the right materials, safely pack it and drop it off at the nearest FedEx.    

Bulb Recycling Kit 

It is dangerous to dispose of mercury-containing lamps and light bulbs in the garbage. They have mercury, which can harm water supplies. Mercury poisoning can have serious consequences for the population. As a result, our mercury recycling kits are the ideal approach to disposing of mercury-containing light bulbs and lamps. Our recycling kits make it simple to dispose of used CFL and light bulbs this Christmas. These are the many different types of lamps/ bulbs that can be transported in our recycling kit. 

  • Coated Fluorescent Lamps  
  • Compact Fluorescent Lamp 
  • U-Bend Fluorescent 
  • High-Intensity Discharge lamps 
  • Shatter Shield Lamps 
  • UV Lamps 
  • LED Tubes 
  • T12 Lamps 
  • T8 Lamps 

Battery Recycling Kit 

Batteries dumped in the garbage are not recycled. Instead, they end up in landfills, where they might get contaminated. This pollution is one of the reasons why many states prohibit the disposal of batteries in municipal waste. Instead, they have provided you with choices for properly disposing of them. You may properly dispose of them by visiting the nearest recycling facility or by using a disposal kit. Our Service allows you to get rid of your batteries while still being at home. The Mailing in Recycle Service from Recycle Technologies is unique in that it allows you to dispose of batteries in an environmentally friendly way. Our battery recycling kits aids you in disposing of batteries listed below:  

  • Lithium Batteries 
  • Lead Acid Batteries 
  • Laptop Battery 
  • Dry Cell Batteries 

Airbag Recycling Kit 

Inflators in most airbag units rely on sodium azide to create the gas that inflates the bag in the event of a collision. Ammonium Nitrate is another propellant used in airbag inflators. Sodium azide itself is toxic, dangerous to inhale, and can burn exposed skin. When combined with water, it forms hydrazoic acid, which is also extremely dangerous and can infiltrate groundwater. 

If these airbags aren’t recycled, they end up in landfills and scrapyards, where they end up being more hazardous to the environment. Plastic and metal from destroyed airbags may be recovered, repurposed, and utilized to produce new goods in an environmentally friendly way. 

Electronic Waste Recycling Kit 

Unlike biodegradable garbage, you cannot simply throw your old or damaged gadgets in a trash bin and call it a day. The main reason for this is the industrial materials used in the construction of many of these pieces of equipment. Metals such as lead and mercury, for example, can creep into soil and water if not properly disposed of. Recycling enables you to save energy and restore a resource that would otherwise have to be extracted fresh from the earth, resulting in a healthier carbon footprint and environment.  Electronic trash includes the following items: 

  • Computers 
  • Mobile Cell Phones 
  • Landline Phones 
  • Monitors 
  • LCD Screens 
  • Circuit Boards, and other electronic devices. 

Non-PCB Ballast Recycling Kit 

Many of you are in the momentum of replacing the old lamps/ bulbs and clearing out the storage to make way for new things this Christmas. In this time, all your non-PCB lights would be left to rot in the garbage. The CFL includes a few critical components to generate visible light, including elemental mercury vapor, a noble gas (argon, xenon, neon, or krypton), and an interior coating called a phosphor, which is the material responsible for the CFL creating visible light. When these components are left in garbage, they can combine with other materials to form something harmful. 

Recycle Technologies offers an excellent approach to stop this endangerment and reuse the materials from the ballasts. We have a one-of-a-kind mail-in program for non-PCB ballast which people can use to send in their ballasts to our recycling centers. 

Mercury Device Recycling Kit 

Mercury is well-known for its acute sensitivity to environmental changes. As a result, it is found in everything from fluorescent lights to thermostats, and it is employed in chemicals or electronic devices. Mercury exposure can impair the neurological system, kidneys, liver, and immunological system, depending on the kind and amount.  

Its vapors can be toxic to the nervous system, lungs, and kidneys. As a result, there is an obligation to recycle these mercury-containing equipment, yet some of it might be delicate. We have produced Recycling Kits designed specifically for this purpose to ensure that the gadgets still are safe and secure throughout the journey. 

Smoke Detector Recycling Kit 

While a smoke detector is designed to warn you of danger, it does not warn you of the risk itself. A smoke detector includes a trace quantity of radioactivity. The Americium-241 within the smoke detector is shielded by a metal coating and cannot hurt you if kept confined. However, if it escapes, it might badly harm everyone who comes into touch with it. With Recycle Technologies’ Smoke Detector Recycling Kit you can rest assured that you won’t need to look further for recycling.  

Get Your Recycling Wishes Fulfilled This Christmas 

Our major goal at Recycle Technologies is to support and protect the environment for a more sustainable future. We do this by preventing hazardous materials from winding up in incinerators and garbage dumps, where they are of no service to anybody. Aside from these recycling kits, we provide alternative recycling procedures that will meet all your needs. Click on this link to learn more about Recycle Technologies.