Tempered Glass or safety glass is a much better form of typical glass. Due to the toughness of its construction, it can be tedious to dispose of. It is pertinent to mention that the recycle bin or trash isn’t the best choice to dispose of this material. As per IRC (International Resident Code), tempered glass is present in most buildings. So is tempered glass recyclable that depends on what recycling is.

If tempered glass breaks, you must know how to properly dispose of them. To properly dispose of tempered glass safely. We would require safety gloves, newspapers, a plastic bag, and a broom. You should also find out if tempered glass is recyclable in your area. Some recycling centers will gladly accept tempered glass to be recycled. And Some states will not allow the tempered glass to be recycled. The information below will gladly answer your query about that is tempered glass recyclable or not.

Why is Recycling Tempered Glass Tedious?

The main problem with recycling tempered glass is not the glass itself but the chemicals it has come in contact with. If you cannot find a recycling center that would recycle it. Donate it that is what I would do. Tempered glass is primarily present in mobile phone screen protectors, aquariums, cookware, and shower doors. As big the item is the more time it will take to clean the small object would.

Yes, you can recycle Tempered Glass

So, to answer your query is tempered glass recycled? Then the answer is yes. It does require some work to do. There are several ways to properly dispose of tempered glass. Using the safety gloves, you can safely dispose of them to prevent injury to yourself. Tempered glass recycling involves it being repurposed for art and community projects.

Why is tempered glass recyclable?

This is due to the part that tempered glass is environmentally friendly. This would suggest that this material is 100 % recyclable.  The main components of tempered glass are silica and soda lime. Silica is present in sand and is 100% renewable. It is a never-ending resource.  Thanks to recycling, the amount of solid waste to the environment by glass materials during its creation is minimal. This is because almost all glass during its creation is immediately recycled and reused as raw materials.

Why is tempered glass durable?

The key aspect of tempered glass is that it is durable. This is one of the reasons why this glass is environmentally friendly and long-lasting. Consumers only discard glass if it is broken. Other than that, it is a rare sight that it would be discarded. Caring for tempered glass will lead to it outliving its owner. That is why its environmental impact is so low. Using chemicals on glass creates tempered glass. As the name suggests it is four times stronger than normal glass. However, glass can break and get scratched.

What are the benefits of Recycling Glass? Is Tempered Glass Recyclable or not?

The main benefits of glass recycling include the conservation of raw materials such as silica and soda lime. Glass ending up in landfills is dangerous on the behest that it takes a million years to fully decompose. Recycling helps recreate glass into something else. The important aspect of recycling glass results in reducing greenhouse gases.

Research has shown that 80 % of reclaimed glass helps create new ones. Glass is better off than plastic as it is healthier. The contamination of glass is nonexistent whereas plastic can be. The other offset because glass is better than plastic is that it reduces carbon emission whereas plastic enhances it.

Is tempered glass recyclable or disposable?

Disposing of tempered glass is as easy as throwing them in the trash. Please do not do the latter as it is a figure of speech. If you have high quantities of tempered glass, do not by any means throw it in the trash. Instead, use the available option listed below:

  • Check your Local Area
  • Look out for the Municipal program in your area to see if they accept tempered glass. If your facility in your area doesn’t take then you should inquire who does.
  • Glassmaking Companies
  • Glassmaking companies are another option for you to dispose of mass quantities of tempered glass. Browse online or use the directory to find any glass companies that will take your tempered glass.
  • Art and Community Centers
  • You can always donate your tempered glass to art programs or community centers. You can even put ads online to promote tempered glass donations for art use.


Recyclers such as Recycle Technologies do take tempered glass for disposal. They have 2 facilities in New Berlin, Waukesha, and Blaine, Anoka. You can always contact them to confirm if they dispose of tempered glass. Keep in mind you need to pay a fee to do so.

City Dump

If all else fails your best bet is the city dump. Take it to your city dump and inform sanitation workers of your dilemma. They can help you dispose of your tempered glass safely and securely.


I think the above information provides a solution to your query is tempered glass recyclable. I hope this information gives you a better solution than the one you have at the moment. Tempered glass is amazing. With true innovation tempered glass is strong and durable.

It is the only material that can handle stress and pressure. The greatness of tempered glass is immaculate, but it can’t go to regular recycling which is a fact. Repurposing is the only way to properly recycle or dispose of tempered glass.