It is believed that global e-waste has $60 billion (about $180 per person in the US) in raw minerals such as gold, palladium, silver, and copper. However, just 17 percent of global e-waste is efficiently collected and recycled each year. Because the fate of the remaining rubbish is practically unknown, vast quantities of valuable recoverable raw materials are expected to be dumped and burned at scrap yards.   

Many wealthier countries cope with their e-waste by exporting huge volumes to developing regions, such as Africa, who lack efficient e-waste treatment. Toxic compounds such as mercury, arsenic, and flame retardants can be found in electronics and seep into the environment if not properly managed. This is becoming an increasing health and environmental concern, particularly in Ghana, which has one of the world’s largest e-waste While most of these gadgets are recycled solely to recover the materials, some need a more advanced procedure. ITAD is a procedure that allows you to retrieve data from servers. All of the important data that you think critical for your personal or professional needs can be saved and moved before recycling. 

According to a study, 

In 2019, the global volume of electronic garbage generated was around 54 million metric tons. Several factors, including greater spending power and electronic access, have spurred e-waste development in recent decades, making it the world’s fastest-growing waste stream. This trend is anticipated to continue, with forecasts showing that global e-waste creation will have increased by almost 30% by 2030, to nearly 74.7 million metric tons. 

Why Prefer Electronic Waste Recycling Over Throwing It In A Scrapyard? 

While just throwing away a server would be the easiest thing for you to do, it ultimately proves to be a disaster for you and the environment. So, to ensure that the best possible solution is reached, we move towards Server Recycling. 

Server Donation For Tax Write-offs 

Donations are a further way to breathe new life into your outdated servers. While the sale of highly depreciated assets may be detrimental to your bottom line, donating those assets will result in a sizable tax deduction. Furthermore, this can be more advantageous than selling the servers. 

Save Sensitive Data 

Organizations must make more of an effort to stop the leakage of sensitive information. Helping the environment might be a great side effect of reducing the security weak points in your company. Recycling your servers might make it simpler to stop such intentional leaks and build a strong business.   

Properly Remove the Toxic Materials 

Servers are constructed of harmful materials, just like other types of electronic waste. Beryllium, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, lead, mercury, brominated flame retardant, and other toxic substances are found in servers. Even less hazardous metals like iron and copper can contaminate the groundwater near your recycling centers or trash dumps. Because improper disposal of this trash is harmful to the environment, laws require that servers be properly recycled. 

Your Data Security Is Most at Risk During Disposal 

The information on these outdated servers is easily accessible to hackers if they are just thrown away. Hard disks must be destroyed and recycled in order to eliminate any risk. Additionally, getting Certificates of Destruction (CoD) from a recycling facility might aid in defending against false legal claims. Recycle Technologies supplies all of the above for you to mitigate your liability. 


Which Servers Can You Recycle Through ITAD? 

You can recycle your old servers with Recycle Technologies and do your part in preserving the environment. If you are curious about whether your server is recyclable or not, check out the following list. 

  • A Mail Server 
  • Proxy Server 
  • Server Platforms 
  • Web Server 
  • Application Server 
  • Real-Time Communication Server 
  • FTP Server 
  • and a Collaboration Server. 

Why Choose Recycle Technologies For ITAD Services? 

By hiring Recycle Technologies, you will achieve a peace of mind, knowing that your servers will be secured appropriately and kept safe from hackers, as well as disposed of in a healthy and safe way. Moreover, you will be given a certificate of recycling after careful successful process. This certificate is proof of your responsible server disposition and integrity. We also can supply livestreaming if you prefer to watch your servers been fully destroyed. Our ITAD services are great for small to medium business who want to get rid of old servers that are no longer of use. We make sure that all IT Assets are properly handled. To contact Recycle Technologies for future ITAD services use this form.