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How to recycle a car battery?

February 1, 2023
Recycling a car battery is as easy as it sounds. In the United States alone more than 95 % of all car...

The process of Recycling has taken a wrong impression in the minds of the Americans. However, the reality is completely different. Car Battery recycling is as easy as it sounds. In the United States alone more than 95 % of all car batteries are recycled. Since car batteries are of lead, the reclamation process prevents us from extracting more from mines. Many states restrict car batteries from ending up in landfills. At the same time, we must dispose of them responsibly. By doing our part we can make a difference. Relying less on natural resources is a blessing. But the question remains, how to recycle a car battery responsibly? 

Inspect your car battery 

Your first step in Car Battery recycling is to check if your battery is alive or dead. If it is barely alive then your best option at that instance will be trade-in with your battery manufacturer. However, if the car battery is dead then your only option would be to recycle. The fastest way to dispose of a car battery is by calling a recycler. They can help you dispose of your car battery safely and securely.  

To make sure these dead car batteries are safe to transport, it is suggested to cover both terminals with non-conductive tapes. This helps both you and the recycler send the car battery for disposal. Since all car batteries are composed of lead, by recycling these batteries, we can fully reclaim lead. This helps us to mine fewer virgin resources. And gives manufacturers new resources to produce newer batteries. In this way, lead is the perfect example of a circular economy. 

How do recyclers process car batteries? 

Properly recycling a car battery involves a hammermill. This machine breaks the car battery into small pieces. After the deed is complete, heavier metals fall while lighter metals like plastic float. One of the staff members removes the plastic and drains the liquid. A recycler such as Recycle Technologies melts the plastic pieces and creates pellets.  

These by-products help create new plastic cages for new batteries. As for lead materials, they are melted and sent into the ingots. Lead plates are the result of this process. The reclamation of battery acid results in its use in glass and textile manufacturing. You can recycle car batteries as much as you need. It allows new products to come to life. This is how to recycle a car battery responsibly. 

Why is recycling car batteries important? 

Car battery recycling is great for the environment. Many states have passed legislation banning car batteries from throwing them in landfills. Some recycling companies even pay you for recycling car batteries. When buying a new car battery, the core charge present in the battery is charged. When you trade in your old battery the core charge present in the battery is refunded. You will receive some money in the form of store credit. Guess it is time for you to recycle your car batteries and make some money. 

Why choose Recycle Technologies? 

Every year we recycle up to 52 million car batteries. These batteries are sent to EPA-certified recyclers such as Recycle Technologies where lead is reclaimed properly. Recycle Technologies follows strict recycling rules and regulations that have been imposed by the government. Our aim is to preserve the natural resources and clean up the garbage fills. 

Usually there is a cost of recycling, but this varies by location. Recycle Technologies only charges for postage. Other than that, they have zero charges for several electronics that you bring for recycling. For more accurate information your best bet would be to call recycle technologies customer support. We can guide you through the process and if any charges apply to you. We provide 24/7 to answer all your queries, feedback, and suggestions if you have any. Do not hesitate to call us up for your recycling needs. 

How to recycle a car battery most easily? 

The easiest process of removing your car battery involves following these four steps. You will need to wear gloves. This helps you be safe from handling old batteries which are prone to leak battery acid. Disconnect the negative cable first. After that disconnect the positive cable. Your next step involves removing the strap that keeps the battery in place. A leaking battery requires handling with care. Coming in contact with battery acid may lead to irritation and burns. To avoid that is to be as careful as possible. Next, placing your car battery in plastic bags will keep the leaks contained. Lastly, securing your car battery is of utmost importance. Any quick movement may damage the battery in ways you can’t imagine. 

Recycling Kits for Car Battery 

Recycle Technologies typically maintains sites in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but we also offer alternative options for citizens of the other US states. You may load your car batteries into our Car Battery Recycling Kits, have them delivered to your house, and then drop them off at the closest FedEx location. Everything you would want for the secure packing of the batteries is included in the package.   

A pre-paid return mailing label, a 2-gallon plastic bucket with insulation, a strong plastic liner with a zip tie, and a cardboard shipping box complete the set. A booklet that details the online process for getting Certificates of Recycling is also available. Additionally, all dry cell batteries, automobile batteries, and leaky or damaged batteries can be used with this kit. These consist of Lithium-ion and Primary Lithium Batteries including Lithium-Sulfur Dioxide (LiSO2), Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2), Lithium Thionyl Chloride (LiSOC12).


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The above information will give you a clear picture of how to recycle a car battery responsibly. There should be no excuse as to why batteries should end up in landfills. Knowing how much damage they can do if not properly disposed of in a recycling center. So, it is your responsibility to properly recycle your car batteries. 

Other than recycling car batteries, Recycle Technologies provides you with many other types of recycling. Lastly, we also provide mail in recycling services for people in other states. 

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