How to get rid of an Old TV

Getting rid of an Old TV is not only a challenge but a hassle for many. Recycling a TV is possible, but requires a lot of work. If your Old TV works then you can sell it or donate it. This seems an easier thing to do. But for some reason, if your old TV is not working then your best bet will be to recycle it. CRT is the most common television still present in households. These are these bulky devices that rely on cathode-ray tubes to generate images. Like many electronic devices, there are several ways how to get rid of an Old TV.

Is it important to get rid of an Old TV?

Televisions contain a variety of materials such as plastics, heavy metals, and toxins. These can pose a great risk to your health and the environment.   devices are requirements by law in more than 25 states. And in some states, There is a restriction for TVs to enter landfills. If you think that throwing a television in the trash has no consequences then you are mistaken. There are ethical and practical reasons why recycling a TV is essential.

What to do first?

The first step of recycling an Old TV involves inspection of the item. Our team looks if repairing the device is possible. Recycling seems to be a responsible outcome. The main goal of effective recycling involves the separation of the components.  The metallic frame and the screen are the first to go. The next step is the TV entering the shredder. By recycling, we can reclaim valuable materials such as gold, and titanium. The quantity of these items is low.

Does it cost to recycle an old TV

Does it cost to recycle an old TV?

Yes! Recycling a TV does come at a price. Why pay for something? This is always the question on your mind. The reason behind this is that those valuable materials need a certain effort to extract. Also, the bulky size and heavy weight are the reasons that add to the expense of the recycling process. Handling with care is necessary for all  CRTs. All CRTs consist of hazardous Lead. This is a one-time cost in comparison to the consequences of not disposing of Televisions. This is the only way to how to get rid of an Old TV.

Who is Recycle Technologies?

Recycle Technologies are willing to take the old TV off your hands. Unlike recyclers in the Midwest, Recycle Technologies is the best one. All retailers that offer a mail-in program have higher fees to recycle electronic devices. That is not the case with Recycle Technologies. For 30 years, we have been catering to both residents and commercial companies. Currently, we have two facilities. One is in New Berlin, Wisconsin, and the other is in Blaine, Minnesota.

Many Recyclers such as Recycle Technologies offer mail-in programs for customers. This would need entering your zip code and your TV brand, after that you need to inform the estimated weight. After a few moments, you will receive a printed prepaid shipping label. Just place it on your old TV and drop it off at the courier.

Why Recycling an old Television is essential?

Hundreds of environmental and health reasons beg to differ. Television contains toxins that are harmful to the environment and you. Modern televisions are more environmentally friendly than old televisions. They contain lead, cadmium, and mercury. These are some of the consequences that these elements might leak once you throw them in the trash.

At the same time, they contain valuable materials such as copper, gold, and silver. That is why Recycle Technologies is the only certified AAA NAID recycler in the Midwest. We generate more than 7 million tons of e-waste every year. Sadly, we only recycle 1 million tons of e-waste. Sadness prevails.


Hopefully, you are convinced that recycling is a viable option at this stage. You have the full picture of how to get rid of an old TV responsibly. Also, why it is important for you and the environment. Recycle Technologies is your best option for disposing of electronic goods properly.