How to dispose of CRT TV

Disposing of CRT tv is a nuisance at best. This bulky device was great in the 60s and forward. With the advent of flat-screen Tv, they became obsolete. At the moment more than 70 million of these remain with American households. What people don’t know they are a toxic hazard if not properly disposed of. They contain a high amount of lead and mercury that can leak. This has hallmarks of health and environmental hazards written all over.  Dumping them in landfills is a criminal offense. To dispose of CRT Tv is not as easy as it looks.

What are the EPA’s suggestions on how to dispose of CRT tv?

The Environmental Protection Agency suggests repairing and reusing these old devices. If that is not possible, recycling is the only solution to dispose of CRT tv. But whatever your decision, please do not throw them in the trash. Goodwill organizations no longer accept act these obsolete devices. They pose health hazards to the environment. See if any recycling centers in your area will accept your disposal of CRT tv. Be mindful that many recyclers don’t accept them.

Why Recycle Technologies to dispose of CRT Tv?

Recycle Technologies are not one of them. They are Wisconsin-based Recyclers that have been disposing of CRT tv since 1993. With over three decades in recycling electronics, Recycle Technologies is the only AAA NAID recycler in the Midwest. With state-of-the-art facilities in both Wisconsin and Minnesota, they can help you properly dispose of CRT tv in no time.  We can easily provide recycling service to any residents in a 100-mile radius of our facilities.

We provide pick-up request service for commercial customers. For our customers who are out of state, we provide mail-in services. This way you can dispose of electronics responsibly from the comfort of your home. To do this you need to contact our team of specialists who are available 24/7.  They will guide you through the process of how you can dispose of your junk responsibly. If you are near our facility you can always visit us. Keep in mind that you will incur a charge for you to dispose of the CRT tv. You can contact our team to ask about any potential fees.

Why Recycling is important?

Most people are aware of the importance of recycling in general. But some electronics are more challenging than others. An Old CRT tv, for instance, contains several components that can be harmful to you and the environment if not properly taken care of. First and foremost, almost all CRT tv contains lead. The release of lead into the environment may lead to potential health risks. Recycle Technologies takes great pride in properly disposing of old CRT tv. If you have any electronic devices you need to recycle, we will take them as well.

Recycle Technologies pledges to maintain our local communities by making sure no electronic waste goes to a state landfill. We will recycle every electronic waste to make it safe for future generations. The disposal of CRT tv does include a fee and for good reason. The toxic materials are the reason behind this caveat. We use a special process with proper disposal of CRV tv. Flat-screen Tv contains less toxic components. That I why many residents are moving towards eco-friendly technologies.

How to reach us?

You can contact Recycle Technologies at these numbers. Or you can reach us at. We are available from. We don’t work on weekends.