Coffee has become a staple drink for everyone in the United States. It has become a part of a daily routine. The amount of coffee makers present in households is significant. You have to wonder what happens to all those old coffee machines when they have done their part. In this article, we discuss How to dispose of a Coffee maker, and We also discuss how you can recycle glass coffee pots.

All glass coffee pots that are of no use to you should be recycled. Contact Recycle Technologies, they can guide you on disposing of glass coffee pots. Disposing of biodegradable products is a challenging task. The most common method to dispose of glass coffee pots is in landfills.  At the moment this presents concerns about health and safety for the environment. So, disposing of them on your curb will be more harmful than you can imagine.

Instead of throwing them away, Glass Coffee pots can be recycled. Recycling helps reclaim spent materials. Glass is one of the most recyclable resources. It can be crushed, melted, and repurposed. The sad point is that any glass we throw in the trash never goes to a glass recycling plant. Glass takes around 2 million years to decay. 

Here are some ways how to dispose of a coffee maker

Curbside recycling 

Communities have options for glass recycling using drop-offs and collection centers. So, if you ever come across this place, you can dispose of your glass coffee pots, and they will arrive at the nearest recycling center.


Goodwill is where you can dispose of ill-wanted products knowing they will come in handy to someone who desires it. Please do ask them if they are interested in a coffee machine.


They have been known to recycle coffee machines and pots as well.

Recycle Technologies

A Midwest recycler that recycles all coffee machines and pots. They are based in both Wisconsin and Minnesota. You can either reach out to them or you can send your coffee machine through their mail-in program.

Your Store

The state requires manufacturers to take back items that are sold to customers for recycling. 

Coffee Makers 

Many people have a coffee maker that has stopped working. The challenge with disposing of old coffee machines is that they aren’t as simple as throwing them in the trash. Coffee machines are considered electronic waste. For that reason, you can’t throw them in the trash bin. 

Every state has a specific guideline that stipulates what you can and can’t throw in the trash. Electronic devices in landfills become compromised and expose the environment to hazardous materials. The best way to properly dispose of your coffee machine is to drop them off at the nearest recycling center.

Recycle Technologies is a great recycler that can dispose of your old coffee machines. Just be sure to check with them before showing up.

Do a little research to confirm that you are following local laws and regulations in your area. Recycle Companies such as Recycle Technologies are the best to recycle small appliances. You can reach them at. Their mail-in program is perfect for disposing of your coffee machines.

What is e-waste? 

E-waste is electronic products that have or are about to reach their usefulness. They are about 10% of waste in all landfills in America. Despite this, they produce up to 70% toxic chemicals if they are not correctly disposed of. They are the main cause of damage to the soil and water sources. E-waste includes any product that has a circuit board. That means any electrical devices. A coffee maker is considered to be e-waste as it has a circuit board in it. This is how to dispose of a coffee maker by using recyclers.


Every Electronic device has an end. Instead of throwing them in the trash. It is our civic duty to dispose of them by recycling them. This way we prevent damage to our landfills. We ensure that our future generation lives in a cleaner environment.