We have seen more change in the past 30 years than we have seen in the last century. As we move towards the 21st century we are left with a strange dilemma. Our ability to create new products hinges on the idea if we even have the resources for it. Currently, the creation of new products is solely done by mining raw materials. But at what cost? The same can be said about lamps. These are common items that every household and offices have. The mercury present in these light fixtures is hazardous to our health. That is where lamp recycling comes into play. And why should you go for it?  

Let me be clear with you. Lamps are recyclable. However, broken glass is not. 

What Light Bulbs Are For Lamp Recycling? 

All lamps that are in use before 2010 contain mercury in them. You might presume that this process is easy, and we should be completed it by now. But it is not the easy as it sounds. The recycling rate for disposing of lamps is only 10 %. So, lamp recycling of whole nation takes it time. The good news is that many lamp manufacturers have already phased out our mercury lamps. The unwelcome news is that we are slow to respond by recycling them. To properly give your insight into why lamp recycling is important you need to understand the dangers associated with these common items. 

Lamp Recycling

Why The Sudden Urgency For Lamp Recycling? 

All lamps contain mercury and phosphor powder. Lamp recycling helps us to reclaim these resources that can be used for other products. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. With lamp recycling is full force you can expect manufacturer of newer products will rely less on virgin resources and instead use reclaimed resources to create new products. This will also create new jobs. The only downside is the will we ever do it.

Are Spent Lamps Dangerous? 

Well for starters mercury poisoning is one of the reasons why lamp recycling is necessary. Mercury is a hazardous chemical that can easily contaminate water sources and soil. Sadly, this is common as many mercury-containing devices easily land in landfills. You might think that we are doing something about it. But that is not the case. The amount of e-waste in our households is more than enough. 

Who is The Best For Lamp Recycling? 

Recycle Technologies is a certified recycler that provides lamp recycling services. We can help you lessen your liability. Unlike other recyclers in the region, we not only have the means but the desire to lessen carbon emissions. You feel this is a marketing tactic, but we feel it is high time for us to give back to the environment. Right now, e-waste is becoming the worst waste stream than you can imagine. 

One day this will totally overwhelm us. Lamp recycling is the focal point which we can use and assess what needs to be done. Mercury is currently one hazard that needs to be dealt with. What about the hundred presents in electronics? To ensure that we are on the right track we accept all kinds of light bulbs in our lamp recycling facilities. 


Lamp recycling might seem a hassle for you, and you are running out of options. But no worry recycling technologies will have you covered. If you live in a state that is far away from our recycling facility, then you can use our mail-in program for lamp recycling. From the comfort of your home, you can get rid of mercury containing devices. 


Recycle Technologies Mail in program is unique in this sense that any cardboard boxes that you might purchase from us comes with shipping tags. This way the only thing that you need to do is package your lamps so that they are safe to transport. Make sure to mark the box as fragile. Just fill the box with your light bulb. And you are good for lamp recycling. Your involvement will make sure that lamp recycling is a success. 

That is something you can expect from recycle Technologies. We believe that information about lamp recycling will save you the time in making the right choice. These common items have no resale value, but their recycling does. 

Our lamp recycling facility will help your company responsibly manage: 

Recycle Technologies is fully licensed and certified. We will ensure that these materials are properly taken care of. We will also provide you with a certificate of recycling that will protect you against any potential liability. You can contact us to arrange for us to pick up your recycling materials. We routinely pick up bulk e-waste from these counties: